Your Daily Horoscopes for Monday, March 20th

Your Daily Horoscopes for Monday, March 20th




Aries Horoscope

The Sun enters your sign today, dear Aries, and this begins a month-long cycle that puts you, your goals, and your needs up front and center. Generally speaking, it’s a time for seizing the day, for shaping your life as you’d like it to be, as well as for being heard, noticed, and counted. With Venus retrograde in your sign for much of this cycle, you may not feel quite as outgoing as you typically do at this time of the year, but you are sure to feel the momentum start to pick up. While this is a very personal cycle, professional interests or concerns can demand your attention beginning midday. It’s probably best to take the path of least resistance now, or you could be prone to stress or unnecessary conflict. However, as the day advances, you’ll feel more comfortable tending to both personal and professional concerns.


Taurus Horoscope

You are certainly in the mood for adventure today, dear Taurus, so if you can make time for an activity that takes you out and about, then do so. Some deeper insights into love can also emerge today if you tune in. Try to avoid the tendency for debates or disagreements to push out these opportunities. The Sun enters your privacy sector this morning, launching a cycle that spans the coming month in which you spend more than the usual time reflecting and resting. It’s a time to tie up loose ends, put a stop to projects or situations that no longer work in your best interests, and learn more about your inner or spiritual needs. It’s the right time for forgiveness and letting go – focus on healing for best results. You may have a difficult time seeing yourself as others see you, and decisions may require more time than usual. More than likely, however, they can wait.



You might question the commitment level of a friend or partner today, dear Gemini, or there can be a matter of trust to deal with now. However, from this minor conflict comes more insight, and, as the day progresses, you feel relieved, supported, and productive. The Sun enters your solar eleventh house this morning and will influence this social area of your chart until April 19th. This is a period for prioritizing the connections in your life. During this cycle, you have increased influence on friends and groups which, in turn, boosts your self-esteem. While this transit typically promises a livelier social calendar, Venus is retrograde here concurrently, and there can be some tensions brewing or less social activity than usual.



While you can be content to do your own thing this morning, dear Cancer, by midday, your personal agenda seems to be put on the back burner as you focus on compromising and allowing others to shine. Helping out a partner, or simply listening more intently to their wishes and needs, is the key to success and fulfillment today. It’s time to give due attention to those who support you and who are dear to your heart. While this may seem to conflict with your new focus on your professional affairs as a career cycle begins today, it’s temporary. The Sun enters your solar tenth house this morning, where it will continue to transit until April 19th. During this cycle, your ego and identity are tied to your professional or social standing, what others think of you, and your ability to meet your responsibilities. Letting these things slide will make you fret. Tend to your needs for approval – they’re real and not a sign of weakness as long as they’re balanced and moderate. With Venus retrograde in this sector concurrently, you may want to pay particular attention to your professional or public manner.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

You can begin the day feeling rather light and breezy, dear Leo. By midday, you become very much aware of the flaws or inconsistencies in your life, and while this can lead to frustration or worry, you can take advantage of this state of mind by actively working on fixing problems. Take the time to reorganize, tidy, and handle nagging issues that will help to free your mind for more engaging experiences. You can’t seem to escape the fact that life goes on no matter where your head is at, and little tasks that you’ve neglected still need doing. Find the time to organize your life in small, helpful ways. This is of particular importance, even if it seems inconvenient, with the Sun’s entry into your solar ninth house today — a sector that rules adventure, learning, spirit, and life experience. During this month-long cycle, you crave and seek out a little more from life than the ordinary. While on some level you could be feeling as if you are re-awakened, Venus is retrograde in the same sector for most of the course of this transit, and there can be some ups and downs, delays, or rethinking related to adventure-seeking and mind expansion.


Virgo Symbol Horoscope

The Sun enters your solar eighth house today, dear Virgo, where it will continue to transit until April 19th. You are motivated to understand yourself, your relationships, and a significant other during this period, and you are also interested in projects, people, and experiences that stimulate your deeper feelings or that demand more concentration and commitment. It’s a good cycle for developing self-mastery skills — some form of self-transformation is likely at this time of year. While the day can begin rather standardly, towards midday, energy can become tense. You want to be recognized and admired by people close to you, but they seem to be too busy dealing with their own issues and problems to take the time to give you feedback. Work on making yourself happy and things will come together naturally.



A minor conflict is possible today, and it’s one that revolves around partnerships and previously made agreements, dear Libra. You are not in the most conciliatory of moods right now, but neither is a significant other. However, you have a true advantage today, as you can easily get to the heart of an issue. You are particularly resilient and interested in true solutions rather than quick fixes. The Sun enters your partnership sector this morning and will transit here until April 19th. This cycle brings your need for others to the fore, and particularly a partner in some shape or form. This is a time for making adjustments and compromises as you come to a better life balance. With Venus retrograde in this sector concurrently, there can be some complications in close relationships, but there can be a second chance to get things right.


Scorpio Horoscope

Your ability to communicate effectively is a gift, dear Scorpio, and today, using that gift wisely will help you to lessen some of the tensions around you. Personal interests and social distractions can be plenty today, and this can cause some stress if you have far too much to do. Intensity can translate into passion, or if taken too far, into power tripping. This morning, the Sun enters your work and health sector where it will transit for a month. During this period, your ego and identity are wrapped up in the work or services you provide, as well as the success of your self-care programs. As such, this is a time for paying particular attention to improving or maintaining health and wellness endeavors, daily routines, and work projects. Getting organized and enjoying what you do may be more complicated than usual this year with Venus retrograde in this sector for most of the transit, but you have a little more cosmic support now that the Sun is here.


Sagittarius Horoscope

The astrological new year begins today, dear Sagittarius, and this brings the Sun into your solar sector of self-expression for the upcoming month. Until April 19th, you thrive on others’ feedback and good vibes, and you are more openly affectionate and playful. You might pay more attention to personal hobbies or recreation and entertainment. Romantic feelings are stirred. However, with Venus in this sector and retrograde for the first half of the Sun’s transit here, there can be some questions about personal enjoyment and satisfaction or complications in these areas of life but much creative power if you can tap into it. A question of whether you have enough money or resources, or a difference in values with a love interest, can crop up today. However, as the day progresses, you feel less conflicted. New insights into a family matter help you to prioritize and focus on what really is important to you now. Give your family and home the attention they need and find ways to increase your sense of security and stability, even if this requires a lot of effort.


Capricorn HoroscopeThe day can begin rather quietly, dear Capricorn, but shortly before midday, the Moon moves into your sign, and the focus is now on your needs and personal projects. You are driven to seek out those things that validate your emotions and boost your spirits. Conflicts with others or kinks in your plans can indeed occur now, but you can extract from them just the right motivation to set things right. Work on a pet project or intellectual pursuit fares well as the day advances. This morning, the Sun enters your home and family sector and will spend the coming month here at the bottom of your solar chart. Your identity and ego are more heavily invested in your home life and family relations. Worldly ambitions tend to take a backseat now. Your focus now should be on making yourself feel secure and content in your personal environment and in your own skin – it’s a critical time for working on your self-esteem and sense of security.



While the day can begin in a lively way, as you approach midday, you’re likely to feel the need for a breather, dear Aquarius. Avoiding situations that are highly competitive or stressful today is simply strategic and possibly necessary. You can use some time to regroup and recharge your emotional batteries. It can be difficult to avoid tension midday, however, with a Sun-Moon conflict that has everyone feeling a little edgy. However, as the day progresses, it’s far easier to find a balance. The Sun enters your communications sector this morning and will stick around here until April 19th. You take increased pride in your studies, communications, light travels, connections, and casual relationships or associations during this cycle. This is a time for exploring new interests and learning new things, but not the best time for concentrated efforts. With Venus retrograde here concurrently for the first half of this transit, you may be reassessing whether or not your current interests or studies are satisfying.



While there can be a rather tense energy to the middle of the day, dear Pisces, you come into your own as the day advances. In fact, you’ll find that others are quite cooperative and helpful once past the obstacles of the Sun-Moon square. You may be an authority on a matter today and tomorrow. You can also discover something fascinating or new information on a situation that offers you more personal power and a sense of accomplishment, particularly related to your relationships. The Sun enters your solar second house this morning where it will transit until April 19th. You are more invested in your practical affairs, income, talents, and security during this cycle. You can be very motivated to build your resources and make yourself more comfortable. Venus is retrograde in the same sector for the first two weeks of this cycle, and you’d be wise to look back at what worked for you in the past before moving forward.