General Preparations

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General Preparations

Ostara, Vernal Equinox, Spring, Rebirth, Easter, March 21st


1. I begin to read and research the subject of Spring Celebrations starting in early February. I am fond of Goddess lore and rituals, Neopagan topics, and Daoism, so you might see something about those topics in my seasonal celebrations webpages.

2. Spring cleaning indoors is a common preparatory activity during this time of the year. Completing some of the chores listed on your garden chores list for February and March is also a good idea. Make reasonable adjustments for inclement weather.

3. Starting seeds indoors in February is a good task. All potted plants should be put into the ground and watered as planned. Removing any dead trees, branches or shrubs should be continued as weather permits.

4. Clean your indoor altar. Dust all ritual and art objects. Put out offerings. Use your “Prayer Books.”