Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, March 17th

Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, March 17th



Aries Horoscope

Today’s Sun-Saturn conflict can point to a small letdown or a time of seeing the glass half empty, dear Aries, but it’s a temporary lull. As much as you’d prefer to lay low and get the rest you need, obligations are likely to pull you out of your comfort zone now. For some, tension can magnify over a difference of opinion, a feeling of dread about facing a problem area, or a sense that your future is limited. Because emotional energy is running low, it can take longer to get through your work or responsibilities than usual. You can fight feelings of being overwhelmed by tackling something small to begin with and aiming to do more in steps going forward.


Taurus Horoscope

With Saturn and the Sun in discord today, dear Taurus, there can be a reality to face, likely related to relationships or money matters. A plan or dream may hit some snags, or it may no longer seem feasible. However, it’s quite likely that with a few changes and adjusted expectations, you can get back on track. Be patient and don’t cut corners right now for best results. When it comes to relationships, there can be emerging doubts about a friend or group, or some feelings of being left out and misunderstood. Issues related to trust and ownership or possessiveness and jealousy can arise. Confusing signals can occur with someone you care about.



Tensions or restrictions in your relationships can become an issue today, dear Gemini. The Sun challenges Saturn, and interpersonal relations can be strained. Stumbling blocks in your career can also be part of the picture now. For some of you, there can be a feeling that a partnership is restricting you from achieving your goals or reaching your potential, and this can be frustrating. Others seem to be impeding your progress. Take things one step at a time, and don’t be afraid to go without just for the time being. You may need to pare things down to move forward. This is a time for thinking in simple terms and getting the basics right.



Saturn’s square to the Sun today reminds us of our limits, dear Cancer, and this may be a little disappointing, but you can turn this energy to your advantage. Saturn is in your work and health sector until December, and it encourages you to get your daily affairs, routines, and habits in order. However, this can feel a little heavy at times, particularly with the Sun in your adventure sector stimulating your need to broaden your horizons. You could be feeling drained now, and work and daily responsibilities can seem overwhelming. Try not to put so much pressure on yourself and deal with the pressures coming from the outside step by step. Slowing down can help you reorient yourself and adjust your expectations for the better. Recognize that disorganization may limit your ability to enjoy other activities that you’ve been looking forward to and aim to handle that.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

With your ruler, the Sun, in conflict with Saturn today, dear Leo, following rules, streamlining, and simplifying are important strategies. Ultimately, these things will reduce waste and save you time, even if it feels as if it’s slow going right now. Getting rid of redundancies may be in focus and quite satisfying. Someone may be discouraging your more playful side, or there can be a feeling of being censored in a relationship. Others can seem to be disapproving or distant now, and you may feel that you’ve been left to your own resources as a result. You may very well discover through this experience that you can do just fine this way. Temporary setbacks may discourage now but ultimately contribute to happiness in the long term.


Virgo Symbol Horoscope

People can be withholding or self-protective today, dear Virgo, and relationships with a partner or family can be strained. There could be problems on the home front that restrict you from enjoying a relationship fully, or you could be dealing with disapproval from loved ones. Domestic chores or problems in the family dynamic can weigh heavily on your mind. However, experiences today may serve as an important reality check, and may very well be blessings in disguise. Slow down, follow the rules, and discipline yourself. Patience has its rewards–perhaps not immediate ones, but long-term benefits. Areas of weakness are magnified now, but if you invest yourself in a plan to strengthen and rebuild patiently and methodically, you’ll ultimately save a lot of time and energy.



There may be an atmosphere of seriousness or even disappointment around you at some points today, dear Libra, as a Sun-Saturn conflict requires us to face certain realities. Daily affairs, errands, and duties can serve to frustrate if they get in the way of your ability to thrive in your work or if they drain you of energy. It may be difficult to gain cooperation from others now. Watch for how you express yourself today–with Saturn in your communications sector, you can sometimes take on a negative, defensive tone that doesn’t do you any favors. Exercise patience, follow the rules, and avoid pushing too hard, and you’ll get over this hump. Adjusting expectations is important now if comparing what you want to accomplish with reality is discouraging.


Scorpio Horoscope

Areas of neglect or weakness are difficult to ignore today, dear Scorpio, as the Sun and Saturn form a challenging aspect. While this can be a little discouraging, taking a lesson from a humbling experience can be very worth your while, saving you time and energy in the long run. Your attention is drawn to limitations, likely having to do with resources, including money, and this clashes with what you want to do, a romantic venture, or with filling your desires. Another possibility with this combination is a sense that others are not treating you for what you’re worth, or for what you deserve. With this energy, it’s best to put your head down, tend to business patiently, and follow the rules. Attention to practical matters now brings rewards later.


Sagittarius Horoscope

You may need to get over an emotional hump today, dear Sagittarius, or get nagging problems out of the way before you can enjoy some peace. You might be feeling a little cut off from others with the Sun illuminating and challenging Saturn in your sign. If you feel that others are overlooking or undervaluing you or if they seem very unsupportive, aim to be clearer about your needs rather than waiting for people to jump in and help. Even so, consider whether or not confidence about what you deserve is low at the moment before asserting yourself. You might plan to ask for what you want on a day when you feel surer of yourself. Make adjustments to plans rather than give up on them. Energy may be low just for now, so wait things out and return to projects another day when you feel refreshed.


Capricorn HoroscopeWith the Sun and Saturn forming a tense aspect today, dear Capricorn, we are reminded of what limits or restricts us. Saturn is the lawmaker and demands some semblance of order. Areas that have become sloppy or redundant become apparent today. Focusing on what’s good for you in the long term helps now, although things can feel a little slow or restrictive at the moment. The desire to reach out and share your story or connect with others can reach some blocks today, and these may very well be self-limitations with Saturn moving through your solar twelfth house stimulating fears of being too vulnerable or putting yourself out there. There isn’t instant gratification right now, but not to worry. In time, if you keep working steadily towards your goals, things will become clearer. Think things through and wait things out.



Saturn and the Sun form a tense aspect today, dear Aquarius, and this can challenge you to address a problem area related to a friendship, project, or money matter. Blocks or obstacles can be temporarily deflating and discouraging. You can be particularly sensitive to rejection or to feeling excluded. For some, there could be a reality check for a project or a lack of support to manage. If you’re dealing with a humbling experience now, aim to take the lesson from it and move forward a little wiser. A good strategy when Saturn is prominent and challenging is to focus on your own commitments and responsibilities and do your best to meet them. Focusing on what you can control is best. It’s a time for making adjustments and refinements to personal plans.



Your ego needs are stronger than usual today, but they can be difficult to satisfy now with the Sun in your sign facing a challenging aspect to Saturn, dear Pisces. You can have a strong desire to withdraw and lick your wounds. While some of this can work fine for you, ultimately if you can rise above frustrations, you come out feeling more empowered. You may not get what you want just now, likely due to rules, limits, and obligations, but any slowdowns experienced today can help you to focus your attention on those things that actually matter in the long term. Today is about reshuffling your priorities and finding better, more efficient ways to get things done.


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