Wishing All Our Dear Brothers & Sisters of the Craft A Very Happy Irish Heritage Day!

CELTIC KING . . . by Piedad5007
That’s right, IT IS IRISH HERITAGE DAY here on the WOTC! I told  you we don’t celebrate St. Patrick because of what he did to our brothers & sisters the Druids. I know, long time to hold a grudge but someone has to preserve our history. In case you don’t know what I am referring to, the snakes that St. Patrick was suppose to have drove out of Ireland, well truth be told, Ireland never had snakes. The snakes he drove out was another name for the Druids in Ireland. He was on a mission to exterminate each and everyone of them. It is a story all to familiar to a witch. It would be like us celebrating the Pope who started all the witch hunts back in the day. Anyone who tries to wipe out an entire race of people, should never be labeled a saint nor should they hold the title of Pope. You will find information on here about Patrick but it is all leading up to his plans to exterminate the Druids. That is the only reason he will be on here today at all.


Oh, by the way we have a new internet provider, Comcast and we are getting ready to see how they do. Without further a’do let’s get this show on the road.


Happy Irish Heritage Day,

Love Ya,

Lady A


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