Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, March 18th

Get A Jump On Tomorrow….

Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, March 18th




Aries Horoscope

Conversations today tend to turn to you or revolve around you, dear Aries, with Mercury and Venus aligning in your sign. Others are taking a special interest in you and could be talking about you quite a bit right now. You are a little more open about expressing your ideas, but someone else, while communicative and interested, could be holding something back. Nevertheless, you can remain very much a priority in a special someone’s life now even with some signals crossing. Personal magnetism runs high, although you may not be expressing a lot of warmth in your communications, and could be focusing a little too much on the intellect. While it’s an excellent time for rethinking and reevaluating personal plans and projects, it’s not the time to make final or impactful decisions – it’s better for entertaining possibilities.


Taurus Horoscope

This can be an animated day for conversations and busy time for thinking and analyzing, dear Taurus. The past illuminates in a meaningful way for you now, and the focus is on love and past relating patterns. While discoveries may be about emotions, your ability to detach a little from emotions is what benefits you the most for the time being. Analyze the past only if it feels comfortable and productive doing so. At the moment, our minds are moving much faster than our hearts, so take things easy. You might be inclined to talk about personal matters, although you tend to leave some of the deeper things out. You or others can be dwelling on what happened in the past, and this can be a very tricky area, so tread softly, but consider looking at old matters in new ways. More information could surface about the past or about a private matter that will help you make better decisions about the future. For now, process and digest things rather than finalize.



Energy is lively and creative around you today, dear Gemini, and you are anxious to get your responsibilities out of the way in order to enjoy it. While the overall theme of the day is light, there can be a distinct focus on matters of the past, particularly related to old projects and friends and lovers. New information about old matters can come to light now. A conversation with a friend can quickly turn to the past today, or you could learn something about–or make contact with–someone from your past. Nostalgia is good, but dredging up old issues may get you into tricky territory. You’re more inclined to live in the mind than dig deeper, and this can be very useful. However, remember that your heart may not be ready to talk or know about everything that your mind is curious about.



With Venus retrograde until mid-April, dear Cancer, you may be dealing with temporary problems with career projects, family matters, and relationships. Today, complications in your relationships come into stronger focus, but you can approach them in a new way as you perceive them from a different perspective. Keep a safe distance emotionally if you need to draw conclusions. Socially, it’s better to keep things as light as possible, even if the day’s pace can get a little hectic at times. While you’re giving a lot of thought to your career and the path it’s taking, today is about looking back and analyzing. This is a critical time for reevaluating your projects and goals, and today, you are likely to have a special window into the past that helps you make decisions for the future.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

Good energy is with you for coming together or seeing eye to eye with others today, dear Leo. The only possible kink in plans is the potential for getting fired up about an opinion or cause you believe in. Don’t let a lack of agreement on a philosophical matter ruin the compatibility that you are feeling in other areas, which is tremendous. You may be living in the mind and temporarily overlooking the emotional side of things. Sharing knowledge with someone can be especially rewarding, but it’s important to keep conversations on a light level. Today is excellent for reviewing past choices, studies, or beliefs and perhaps considering which attitudes or projects you’d be better off leaving behind you. Through conversations or musings today, you can gain significant insight into mysteries from your past.


Virgo Symbol Horoscope

This can be an exciting day for learning something about a past matter, dear Virgo, and breakthroughs or discoveries are likely to be of an emotional, private nature. You are open to talking about or analyzing very personal matters, although you can be a little detached from it all. This detachment can help you be objective but consider that your heart may not be ready for where you’re going mentally. A conversation may occur with a love interest or partner but be aware that it can quickly spiral into past patterns of conversing to the point that nothing is truly solved. Or, a conversation with a love from your past can spark up today. Either way, love is a big theme, and it’s very focused on past relating patterns. Even if things get nowhere or seem to go backward, it’s a necessary process for illuminating where you stand and what you will take forward into the future. You’re in the position to play detective. Look for clues that give you a new perspective on an old issue.



Love might seek you out today, dear Libra, promising some pleasant times. However, do be careful that you avoid the trap of communicating and relating in patterns that don’t serve you well anymore just because they’re familiar. If you stay too rooted in your old ways of approaching an issue, others might also focus on past matters that you’d prefer not to remember or review. Do your best to be open to new and improved ways of connecting so that you’re learning and reviewing, not merely rehashing. Negotiations can figure strongly now, and it’s a time for being fair and objective. Reconnecting with people from your past can be a strong draw for some of you now. Learning new things about a previous relationship can figure strongly for others.


Scorpio Horoscope

People in your life are more likely to take the initiative today and speak up or speak out, dear Scorpio. You may learn where you stand, but do be aware that underlying matters can complicate what seem to be positive communications. There’s a tendency now to live in the mind and not necessarily speak from the heart. This also applies to you – your mind may be ahead of your heart right now, and it may be best to keep things light as a result. Attention is drawn to work and health habits, and you can resolve many problems through brainstorming and analysis by looking back or reviewing past endeavors, or reviving old projects. You have special insight into whether your ventures, particularly those related to health or work and daily affairs, are actually fulfilling you. Some things may feel a little hollow to you now. Conversations or information coming in today and this week can lead to a reevaluation of these matters.


Sagittarius Horoscope

Conversations and thoughts today tend to revolve around love, the past, and personal fulfillment, dear Sagittarius, although the general approach is one of cool intellectual detachment and not necessarily warm sentimentality. With Mercury forming a conjunction to retrograde Venus, the past or emotional unrest can very well be big topics now. Love energy is good, but you may want to avoid getting too caught up in past behaviors when you are interacting with familiar people. If it didn’t work in the past, it’s certainly not going to work now! However, this is a good time to reevaluate key areas of your life, mainly related to creativity, hobbies, romance, and friendship, in terms of whether or not they truly fulfill you. Some of you can reconnect with an old love or friend, or you may be learning something new about a previous relationship.


Capricorn HoroscopeYou are looking at old problems from a new perspective today, dear Capricorn, as new information comes in or strong memories prompt you to muse about the past. For some, an annoying problem now unravels, and you have a lightbulb-over-the-head moment. However much your mind enjoys all of this, your heart may need to play some catch-up, so treat yourself with care. Conversations and thoughts can quickly turn to the past today, and love can be a tricky topic, even if intentions are in the right place. Keep things light and lively. Much attention can be pointed to unresolved relationship matters, and new insight can emerge. Be fair and nonjudgmental, but take your time processing everything. Understanding any unrest or lack of fulfillment you might have in your home life, with your current living arrangements, or with your career can figure strongly now.



Today holds the promise of new insight into relationships and projects, dear Aquarius. Solving problems, particularly of the intellectual or mechanical variety, is a cinch today as Mercury and Venus align in your communications sector. You might hear of–or have a conversation with someone about–a tricky love situation, a past problem, or an issue with feeling unfulfilled as Venus is retrograde. This might be a former friend or lover returning or some other complicated love triangle. Conversation and thoughts tend to revolve around sorting out previous relationship problems. You might learn something new that gives you a little more clarity on a matter that has confused or haunted you. Some of you can be drawn to a past project or study with renewed interest, or you could discover that a current course of study or venture is no longer fulfilling you.



This can be a particularly chatty and curious time, dear Pisces. However, others can’t seem to touch deeper matters with you right now. There is a hesitancy in you about digging down too deeply or opening up about personal issues. You might thoroughly enjoy, however, sharing your ideas and opinions on broader issues. Personal finances or personal possessions and questions of ownership can become a big topic today. It’s time for review, not for making important decisions about your assets. New information about an old problem can emerge, or you may talk or think yourself to the point of a whole new perspective on a business, money matter, or relationship. You might get a second chance or look at a project, purchase, or relationship. Some might find a lost item of value.


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