Your Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday, March 14th

Your Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday, March 14th



Aries Horoscope

Growth is a major keyword today, dear Aries, and you’re likely to find several opportunities to make improvements. Work and money matters benefit from a stronger sense of your worth and value, whether this is about your talents or work ethic. This can also be a day for gaining a new understanding of a complicated matter from the past, which can lead to release. Light is shone on aspects of your personality and your life that you may not typically see or confront, providing you with a golden opportunity to see what needs work. This can be a good time for supporting others and volunteering or otherwise coming to others’ aid. Some may be sharing a secret or otherwise “unburdening” today. Don’t be afraid to face something uncomfortable in the name of growth. If you are looking for answers to nagging personal problems, you may very well find the necessary resources with just a little effort today.


Taurus Horoscope

Light is shone on your vulnerabilities today, dear Taurus, particularly related to friends and groups or your place in your community. As you see areas that need strengthening, you get one step closer to healing and repairing your relationships and yourself. The key today is being humble with others and ready to fix things, but confident in yourself, and in your creativity and self-worth. It’s a powerful day for meeting people who may one day play a bigger role in your life, or making connections that will eventually further your creative goals. Some of you could be bumping into an old friend or stumbling upon people from your past, or memories are stirred about old dreams or projects that you may decide to renew in the future. Whatever comes together now may not be dramatic, but it’s likely to enhance your life in subtle ways. Effective communications are not all about scoring intellectual points, and today’s energies favor the human element involved.



Today can be quite excellent for making connections related to your emotional life or domestic world, dear Gemini. You might decide to take care of a matter that has been nagging at you for some time, and once you do, you can feel particularly relieved and less burdened. There is also good energy for seeing career or reputation matters in a new light. You have a wonderful approach to taking the lead or managing others, and people more readily see your value. Even so, if you are harboring insecurities related to taking charge of your life and responsibilities, these can be magnified now. This gets you one step closer to understanding yourself better and to healing. If you are in a public or professional setting today, you are inclined to project your more unique qualities and to come across as confident. Your advice may be sought, and there is good energy for new creative approaches to a work project or your career in general.



This can be a powerful day for helping people you care about understand your point of view, dear Cancer, and for creative problem-solving as well. The day’s energies favor an open-handed approach. You are thinking of larger matters, the big picture, and new avenues for self-expression, and your thinking is particularly sharp when it comes to these things. New worlds are opening up to you as you expand your mind, and you may be embracing ideas that you previously ignored or overlooked. Travel or educational plans may fall into place now, or you could intuitively arrive at an idea or plan that points you in an exciting new direction. Your ideas can be inspirational or influential now. This is a fine time to stumble upon information or people that/who help you realize your dreams and goals, whether this is direct or indirect, such as through inspiration or the stirring of memories that prompt a new direction.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

In many ways, today is about starting fresh on an emotional level, dear Leo, or for a renewed focus on and commitment to emotional growth. You might be the one to solve a problem or mystery or to uncover an important truth, and others admire your brilliance in the matter. Plans can be drawn, and challenges can be overcome. It’s an outstanding day for business strategy as well as a greater understanding of the inner workings of a relationship. Beautiful energy is with you for expressing yourself in an entirely unique way – your special appeal is particularly strong right now. You can see beauty in imperfections, and your private world can expand as a result. An exceptionally open conversation can occur now for some of you. You can also connect with valuable resources or tools related to your work or money matters. A confident approach does wonders for these things right now.


Virgo Symbol Horoscope

Today’s energies are wonderfully unique for seeing close relationships or your relationship needs in a new light, dear Virgo, particularly as your relationships reflect how you value yourself. You’re looking at things in a more holistic but also logical way, seeing patterns that you may have overlooked in the past. This can be a time of problem-solving that gets results in a partnership. You may be putting a situation that was unfair or imbalanced behind you now. There can be a strong focus on evening things out or the leveling of the playing fields with a significant person in your life. You can come up with possible solutions for achieving more fairness, balance, and satisfaction from your relationships as you are motivated to make improvements. You are particularly willing to learn from and with others. Self-honesty can get you a step closer to healing. This is not about keeping the peace, as relationships can suffer if that is the primary goal. Instead, it’s about working hard toward achieving peace and harmony. Part of the picture today is a Mars-North Node connection that encourages you to express yourself bravely and honestly. Connecting with people who encourage or inspire you to reach higher can figure strongly now.



The Moon is in your sign all day, dear Libra, and you give increased weight to your feelings as a result. You may be seeking out validation for your emotions. You have the chance to see meaningful patterns when it comes to your health, habits, or work today, and this affords you the opportunity to take steps towards making improvements. You might find a new way to perform a task or resolve a problem that improves your daily routines or your health. You might get the chance to strengthen relationships with co-workers or with yourself and your attitudes towards work. You can bring exceptionally creative and inspired touches to the work you do, or you could be intuitively drawn to a new path of healing or a work method that serves you especially well. The connection between mind and body can be particularly evident now with Chiron aligning with the Sun and Pallas in your work and health sector. For many of you, the path to wellness becomes a little clearer as a result.


Scorpio Horoscope

Today is powerful for creative inspiration as well as relationships with children or romantic partners, dear Scorpio. It’s a great time for recognizing patterns of behavior or patterns in your past that are contributing to your current situation. Problems are a little easier to solve now as you look at issues as a whole rather than analyze all of the details. This can be a fabulous time for correcting injustices and clearing the air, although this may be considered just one step towards resolution, largely because Venus is still retrograde and people (including yourself) need more time to process and understand their feelings before making significant changes. Your sense of harmony and balance is strong today, and this can help you create plans or designs that truly work for you. You may be attracting others through your confidence in expressing your unique qualities.


Sagittarius Horoscope

Your sense of justice is stimulated very strongly today with the Sun, Pallas, and Chiron coming into alignment, dear Sagittarius. Particularly related to your home life or closest relationships, situations that have come very much out of balance demand your attention – you’ll be ready to make corrections and improvements! You’re also willing to understand others and yourself better, and this can facilitate healing and growth. Some of you might focus your attention on bringing more balance and beauty to your physical home now. The best approach on a personal level involves taking a compassionate look at what is in need of improvement, both within yourself and in your relationships. In the process, you may be more aware of difficult areas or wounded parts of your psyche, but this allows you the chance to open up and to be vulnerable, ultimately leading to healing. You have much wisdom to gain about your needs for safety, as a sense of belonging, and security. Another influence with you today assists you in your working life or with your more worldly goals. You might meet people or connect with information that helps you get closer to reaching your goals or that boosts your career.


Capricorn HoroscopeA good deed from the past can benefit you today, dear Capricorn, and you can enjoy fantastic energy for solving problems, particularly related to learning, school, technology, and mechanics. The Sun, Chiron, and Pallas meet in your communications sector, making it quite excellent for sharing your personal insights and wisdom, for helping people through the power of your healing words, and for understanding the link between your mindset or how you communicate and your personal happiness. It’s also an excellent time for smoothing over differences, although with Venus still retrograde, there can be some problems left outstanding – you might think of this as one big step towards better relationships. Exchanges with others can be significant today. You have a way of presenting your more unusual or non-traditional ideas in an attractive and understandable package. Another helpful influence with you today can assist you in making connections with people or information that supports a creative project, course of study, travel plans, or romantic relationship.



There can be the opportunity to see revealing patterns in your approach to making money or using your talents and resources today, dear Aquarius. Problem-solving with business, financial, and practical affairs can also thrive now as you see things holistically. You also see yourself and your vulnerabilities more honestly now. On a creative level, you are particularly sharp regarding elements of design and structure – you can have a strong vision of what you want to build and develop. It’s a good time for new business ideas but not ideal for putting new ventures into motion. Don’t discount business ideas and visions now – they can be particularly useful going forward. On a personal level, you may be confronting fears or your insecurities may be revealed about your earnings, ability to earn, or employability. There can be incredible support through family or an intimate partner today, and perhaps the chance to connect with resources that further your goals in your home or personal life.



The Sun, Chiron, and Pallas come together in your sign today, dear Pisces, and it’s your time to shine! People can be very much on board with your ideas and drawn to you for your unique understanding and advice. Energy is particularly favorable for fixing problems and getting things up and running smoothly again. You may be seeing patterns in your own behavior that you may have previously overlooked, and in so doing, you gain a far better understanding of yourself. The desire to grow, improve, and create is powerful now. If you’ve been feeling undervalued or treated unfairly, then you’ll feel it more powerfully now, and you’ll want to take steps to improve things. Look for ways to grow, particularly in the ways you approach the world, take the lead, and present yourself. You are doing your own thing now, and people are attracted to this honesty. Today is also active for problem-solving with a partner. You can make important strides now through collaboration.