On Tuesday, March 14th, We Celebrate….

Celtic Mythology Love

On Tuesday, March 14th, We Celebrate….

Ghanaian New Year

Themes: Luck; Harvest; Joy; Cleansing; Death; Cycles

Symbols: Yams; Crescent Moon

About Ala. This West African earth-goddess represents the full cycle of earth’s seasons from birth to death, gently reminding us that spring is transitory—so enjoy it now! Serious crimes are an abhorrence to Ala, and the spirits of the dead go to her womb to find rest. Votive candles are a suitable offering for this goddess figure.

To Do Today: When you get up this morning, light any candle to welcome both Ala and spring. If possible, include yams in your dinner meal to internalize the joy and good fortune Ala brings with the warmer weather. Bless your yams by putting your hands (palms down) over them, focusing on your goals, and saying,

Ala, be welcome.
In this your sacred food,
place the energy of happiness,
luck, and protection for the
months ahead.
So be it.

The people of Ghana believe in celebrating the new year over thirteen days instead of one. During this time they dance to banish evil, honor their dead ancestors, encourage serendipity, and petition Ala for a good harvest season. Ala’s shrines and other sacred places are bathed on the last day of festivities to wash away the old, along with bad memories. For us this equates to dusting off our altars, bathing any god or goddess images we have, and generally cleansing away old energies so Ala can refresh us.

365 Goddess: A Daily Guide To the Magic and Inspiration of the goddess
Patricia Telesco



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