Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday, March 14th

Get A Jump On Tomorrow….

Your Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday, March 14th

by Rick Levine


General Horoscope

Social situations present complex problems as complicated dynamics come into play. The diplomatic Libra Moon enables us to see multiple points of view, but tough aspects prevent us from avoiding stress created by opposing perspectives. We might explore unconventional means to resolve the tension, but run into hurt feelings from the past that seem to haunt the present. Talking about our emotional pain allows us to leave old wounds behind.



Aries Horoscope MAR 21 – APR 19

It’s tricky to work out exactly what is going on between you and a friend. Even when you approach a miscommunication from multiple angles, it seems there’s always something else wrong. It’s as if you’re trying to cut through a giant spider web: everything sticks to everything else until you’re bound up in all the threads. Feeling like you’re out of moves recalls a memory when you pursued every possibility and nothing worked, leaving both parties disheartened. But don’t worry, moods change with the breeze and it’s only a matter of time before the wind blows in a different direction.



Taurus Horoscope APR 20 – MAY 20

Working around people’s schedules proves to be a challenging task today. Trying to make room in your own daily routine to lend a helping hand is taxing your reserves of energy and patience. You’re willing to do whatever it takes no matter what because past experience has taught you that if you don’t accommodate others, they could call it quits on you all together. Instead of using a second wind for one last attempt to modify the situation, be honest about your trepidation and see if someone else can help unravel the knot.



Gemini Horoscope MAY 21 – JUN 20

There’s something on your mind that you prefer not to think about. You’re looking to shake things up, hoping some laughter will ease the tense atmosphere. You can usually count on your wicked humor to break the ice, but it’s as if your jokes don’t make sense and you can’t read your audience. By avoiding a memory that makes you wince, you could be inadvertently creating a similar situation in which you embarrass yourself by going overboard trying to stir up reactions. Save yourself the do-over and phone a friend instead. Facing your challenges cultivates personal growth.



Cancer Horoscope JUN 21 – JUL 22

You keep looking over your shoulder today, wondering what else will come out of the blue. You’re doing your best to maintain your optimism, but you might be distracted by behind-the-scenes tension with a family member or roommate. All you really want is for home to feel like a place everyone can relax, but the current instability may lead you to assume that’s a pipe dream. However, take heart in knowing that you don’t have to let your old story become your next chapter. Writing the future you want starts with closing the book on the past.



Leo Horoscope JUL 23 – AUG 22

It’s easy to fill up your time with engagements and errands to give your mind something to do. An emotional sore spot is playing a sad song on low volume in the back of your head today, and you’re doing everything you can to change the tune. Chatting up everyone you encounter is one way to drown out your feelings, but there’s an even better solution available. Consciously set aside your distractions and be honest about what’s bothering you now, so you can have a sense of closure. To reach your greatest potential you need to fight your greatest fears.



Virgo Horoscope AUG 23 – SEP 22

One second you’re smiling with the breeze at your back, but the next moment you feel like you’re fighting against the wind. Your moods are unpredictable even when you try to think ahead and prevent surprises that could throw you off kilter. Worrying about people criticizing your erratic behavior only adds to your anxiety, but they’re probably not judging you as harshly as you are now. Releasing your attachment to the outcome of the day will do wonders to take the edge off. To move freely one must be deeply rooted.



Libra Horoscope SEP 23 – OCT 22

You have one eye trained on the people around you today, because your quick reaction time allows you to keep up. Rapidly changing moods make constant readjustment a necessity. Although you’re willing to do the dance of social niceties, you can’t help but hope that everyone will calm down soon. Your attempts to smooth things over leave little time to tend to your own feelings, which aren’t in the best shape either. It may be best to withdraw from your role as peace-keeper for a bit to nurse your own heart back to health. Oscar Wilde wrote, “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”


Scorpio Horoscope OCT 23 – NOV 21

The moment you find time to pencil in some downtime, it’s as if another task magically appears at the bottom of your list. You may try to do as much as you can out of the public eye now, because you don’t have the energy to deal with any more emotions than your own. Perhaps you remember a time when you took a risk yet went completely unnoticed. Hiding your feelings is one way to prevent a recurrence. However, your fear of repeating this pattern is unwarranted, but it’s still a good idea to lay low today. Picasso said, “Without great solitude no serious work is possible.”



Sagittarius Horoscope NOV 22 – DEC 21

There might have been a stage in your life when you were not allowed to do things your way, which contributes to your exaltation of freedom now. A childhood memory of just such a time may slip into your consciousness today, triggering your desire to take flight and rise above it. However, you’re not doing yourself any favors by applying cheap thrills as an anesthetic for old emotional wounds. What goes up must come down, so take the gentler route and reach out to a friend or family member to help you process your very real feelings. Author Merle Miller wrote, “Everyone has his burden; what counts is how you carry it.”


Capricorn Horoscope DEC 22 – JAN 19

You’re doing your best to act the part today and maintain an air of professionalism. Sometimes it’s easier to switch to manager mode and moderate everyone’s disputes when your own inner sky is cloudy. However, turning away from your emotions won’t make them go away, nor will working overtime save you from facing your own feelings. Making a gray sky blue takes time; but unless you accept the situation as it is now, you may get stuck in a downpour without an umbrella. Amy Tan wrote, “If you can’t change your fate, change your attitude.”


Aquarius Horoscope JAN 20 – FEB 18

You love floating in a cloud bank of ideas because you can sustain a more objective point of view. Some folks may consider your philosophical approach too intellectual, but it’s actually just an extreme awareness of the risk of ignorance. Maybe it’s not something you talk about very much, but you question your worth more than people know, and it informs your decisions daily. You don’t want to sink into the quagmire that once held you captive and convinced you that you weren’t smart enough. But don’t fly too far away today; coming back down to earth is harder the farther up you go.


Pisces Horoscope FEB 19 – MAR 20

It’s as if a time machine sent you back to an earlier chapter of your life. The past feels so vividly real that you almost expect to see your younger self in the mirror looking back at you. However, you are still accountable to everyone else’s timeline now, and you must keep pace with the world as it rushes on. But don’t make the mistake of thinking you can bury bittersweet feelings when they resurface. Carrie Fisher said, “Take your broken heart and make it into art.”


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