A Blast from the Past: Our Favorite Familiar of the Day


Name: Duck
Age: Five and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: Connellsville, Pennsylvania, USA
Duck always wants hugs, he like to knead in your lap on a blanket; he loves water; he sleeps across my ankles at night. He has dark, Smoky Quartz eyes and the sweetest expression ever! All this despite being abandoned in my driveway as a young kitten; I don’t think he was over five weeks old when we found him- I mean, when he found us!!!

Duck was a stray cat I heard crying outside so my husband and I went looking and found this little, ragged, dirty ginger baby. He let us catch him pretty quick; I was trying to dampen some cat chow for him, concerned that he couldn’t eat the crunchies but he dove right in. Two of my older cats befriended him quickly- Buffy mother-henned him and Mr Sid showed him where all the food, litter pans and scratch pads were.

He has since turned into the ‘alpha male’ and thinks he is the boss, even though he is our smallest cat! He loves when the wood stove is on, he sleeps on top the wood pile. His favorite toys are thin hair bands, and he will bring them back when I throw them! He uses his paw to scoop out individual pieces of chow to eat. He loves water, always wants in the sink if water is running, and sits on the edge of the tub between the shower curtain and liner if you are in the shower. He always wants to sleep with me, usually wrapped around my ankles. He also talks constantly: when he’s running thru the house, playing, or just setting, he like to hear himself, I guess. He is a special little boy and I’m glad he is ours!!!


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