Aspects of the Moon in Virgo

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Aspects of the Moon in Virgo

After the progressed Moon in Leo has passed, and the individual is convinced they are royalty and cannot do any wrong – the progressed moon moves into Virgo, and we don’t feel like we’re all that, anymore. Truly, this is a humbling tough lesson. The needs change abruptly. It would be like the king surveying his kingdom and not having a housekeeper for those 2 1/2 years and looking around and say, ”Oh dear, I guess I better clean up the place.” And not just cleaning up the physical space, but the inner space, as well. This could be a time of awareness of one’s personal health issues and get him one and start taking care of them. The real work here is about self-improvement – not self-abnegation or being self-critical, although that can be a part of it – but self constructive work. This is truly an opportunity for self-examination in minute detail. Bottom line – and “getting it right” within one’s self.



Eileen Grimes
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