Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, March 3rd

Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, March 3rd



Aries Horoscope

On the one hand, you can be feeling pressure to produce, make a decision, and get things done today, dear Aries, courtesy of a nervous Mercury-Mars aspect, and on the other, Mercury moves to a conjunction with Neptune, encouraging compassion and letting things unfold naturally. This is not the time to rush decisions. Watch that you don’t say something offhand that you later regret if you’re feeling pressured this morning — tackle things one at a time rather than wear yourself out. Watch also for revealing a secret or speaking too soon. As the day moves forward, creative pursuits and easy entertainment are favored. It’s also a good time for sudden and possibly golden new ideas. There can be some serendipity happening now – something you hear or someone you meet by chance can stir up all sorts of feelings, thoughts, and ideas. You may feel a little restless or discouraged if real life seems a bit dull in comparison to your inner landscape!


Taurus Horoscope

When it comes to money and love, you may not be seeing things very clearly today, dear Taurus. People may not be listening very well, and there can be mix-ups and possibly hurt feelings. Misunderstandings involving a friend or associate are possible in the first half of the day. Watch for crankiness or too-direct conversations with friends. As the day advances, you want to see the best in people and situations. It’s a good time to let go of resentment and impatience. Resolve to enjoy the moment rather than entering situations with complicated expectations. You may be dreaming up exciting and inspiring plans for your future now, and some of you can thoroughly enjoy helping others out. While conversations with friends and lovers can be fun and imaginative, there is a tendency for misunderstandings, likely due to wishful thinking.



You can feel a little agitated at times today, dear Gemini, although this tendency can totally turn around as the day advances. In the first half of the day, you may feel that others are pushing you for a decision or an answer. You can be short in your communications as well. Impatience can hamper the thinking process. Later today, your ruler, Mercury, moves towards alignment with Neptune at the top of your solar chart. Ideally with this aspect, you can combine intuition and reason in wonderful ways. This can be a time of inspiration as you bring more creativity, color, and imagination to your career or goals. You may be dreaming up new ideas to impress others or to further your professional interests. However, there can be some confusion or impracticality now, and it’s best to be above board in all of your dealings.



Rushing things, particularly conversations and decisions, can get you in a little trouble in the first half of the day, dear Cancer. You may need to take extra care with how and what you communicate, particularly in professional situations. The judgment of value can be off today with Venus moving to a retrograde station, so rushing decisions or jumping to conclusions can be particularly consequential now. Interactions can be complicated as there is a tendency to shoot from the hip with observations and criticisms. Think before communicating for best results. As the day advances, complications can persist, but they’re likely to be largely more pleasant. Fantasy and imagination figure strongly in your mind. There can be some inclination to gloss over or adjust previously held beliefs and morals, but for the most part, you’re in a good position to add more color and flair to your life.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

Rushing into decisions or acting in haste can be a tendency in the first half of the day, dear Leo, but should be tamed. Impatient communications can also get you into trouble now. Try not to lend out today, and avoid significant financial transactions until you are more clear-headed and less pressured. Relationships with a partner could be tricky, and you might be feeling goaded. However, as the day moves forward, you have a little more faith that things will happen as they are meant to be. Your fantasy world is rich, although there is a chance your imagination could run ahead of itself. There is highly creative energy available now. You can have tremendous insight into others’ motives and desires, even if they are doing their best to keep these things to themselves. Even so, wishful thinking may come into play and skew judgment a little. Venus moving to a retrograde station can have a similar effect.


Virgo Symbol Horoscope

Try not to rush things today, dear Virgo, as impatience and over-stimulation can impair judgment. Talking too much or too quickly can be other potential problems as your ruler, Mercury, forms a tense aspect with Mars. The tendency to rush things diffuses as the day advances. In fact, later today, you could come to a friendly agreement with someone. This can be a time of animated conversations or inspiring thoughts and fantasies, enhanced by letting your imagination go and freeform activities. However, it’s not the most practical time, so it’s best not finalize anything important. Venus moves to a retrograde station, complicating judgment further.



Conversations can be a little short this morning, dear Libra, as others can be too impatient to get on with the action to explain things thoroughly. Don’t rush decisions and movements today. While neglecting important details can be a problem all day, conversations and thoughts lose their sharper edges as the day advances. As Mercury and Neptune move towards a conjunction, your thinking becomes more intuitive, and you tune into other levels of conversation and observation – those that we have trouble articulating. Conversations with others can be delightful, even if they aren’t explicitly productive. However, if you’re looking for solid answers, they’re unlikely to come now. Resolve yourself to enjoy the moment. Work can be fun if you are allowed some room for creativity. Helping others find the information they need can be satisfying today.


Scorpio Horoscope

You can feel quite a bit of pressure to produce or to make quick decisions in the first half of the day, dear Scorpio. Try not to succumb to this as errors in judgment can result. So can unnecessary and energy-draining disputes. Abrupt or hasty movements can also lead to problems or mixups now. As the day advances, you are ready to let go of tension and enjoy more creative thinking. You’re more inclined to think of pleasant things or to entertain a fantasy. If you resolve to avoid putting too many expectations on others, yourself, and life itself, then it can be an inspired time. Let your mind wander and enjoy the excitement of possibilities now. Healthy escapes can help refresh your thoughts and interesting ideas can emerge now.


Sagittarius Horoscope

The first half of the day can feel a little rushed, dear Sagittarius. Decision making is unlikely to be sharp if you’re impatient, which is highly likely now. You might feel that you are walking on eggshells with others. Watch for a tendency to speak too soon or move too quickly. Impatience with others can get you into trouble as well. Later today, you’re inclined to let things be. You’re also likely to reminisce about the past and perhaps romanticize or glorify it a little. Leaving things open to interpretation is best now. Try to be content with not having to know the answers for the time being. A lack of clear direction can be frustrating, but you need time to let things form and unfold, so be patient! A shift is occurring as Venus moves to a retrograde station, reinforcing the need to keep things open rather than make hard choices and decisions.


Capricorn HoroscopeTry your best not to jump to conclusions or succumb to pressure to make quick decisions today, dear Capricorn. In the first half of the day, you can feel rushed or prodded, and you may be short and impatient with others. Something that’s communicated to you can touch a nerve. While you should watch for self-deceit and incomplete information today, this can be an imaginative, creative time for you, particularly as the day moves forward. Writing and speaking can be especially inspired now, and you may be able to sell your ideas quite quickly. Look for unique ways to express yourself. While detail work may suffer now due to a wandering mind, creative efforts can thrive. You are absorbing information well when it appeals to your emotions or creative side, but you’re likely to overlook the practical details at the moment.



Decisions and money management may suffer due to impatience today, dear Aquarius, although tension tends to diffuse starting around midday. It can be all too easy to offend someone in your haste, or you might intellectualize a matter that means something more to another person, and you could come across as critical or even cold as a result. Something similar can happen to you with a Mercury-Mars challenging aspect coloring the first half of the day. While things become considerably less tense later today, it’s still wise to avoid big decisions. For one, Venus is moving to a retrograde station, and the shift itself can cloud judgment. For another, Mercury and Neptune approach a conjunction, and it’s very easy to convince yourself of something you want to believe. However, this alignment is highly creative and has much potential for bringing imagination to your practical world. You can rework a project or idea in a more imaginative way now. As well, love can be dreamy or confusing (it’s often a toss-up when Mercury and Neptune meet).


PiscesYou could feel some pressure to get things done quickly or to come to a decision today, dear Pisces, when a patient approach makes more sense. Focusing on realizable goals and stopping to appreciate what’s already in place, will bring the most satisfaction now. People can be pushy, cranky, and impatient in the first half of the day, but as the day moves forward, tensions ease, perhaps in some cases a little too much! You are more talkative than usual, and people are drawn to you and your words or ideas. A significant person in your life can be in agreement with you, or in some way in your corner with your needs and wants in mind. You are picking up a lot from what’s going on around you, and people may be spreading good word about you. You are rather impressionable and sensitive now, and perhaps a little vulnerable to influence. If you’ve been feeling lost or without an anchor recently, this feeling can heighten now. If so, look for people or places that help ground you.


Courtesy of Cafe Astrology


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