On Friday, March 3rd, We Celebrate…..

the witch's painOn Friday, March 3rd, We Celebrate…..

Anniversary of Pioneer 10 Launching (United States)

Themes: Universal Unity; Peace; Cooperation; Destiny; Energy; Spirituality

Symbol: Star

About Tara: In Hindu mythology, Tara is a star goddess who encompasses all time and the spark of life. She extends this energy to us, fulfilling our spiritual hunger. In so doing, Tara strengthens our understanding of the Universe and its mysteries and gives us a glimpse of our destiny.

Tara’s name literally means “star.” In works of art she is depicted as beautiful as the silver turret points of the night sky, young and playful. From her celestial home Tara challenges us to live life fully no matter the day or season, looking to the stars and our hearts to guide us.

To Do Today: I cannot help but believe that Tara was standing by whispering in scientists’ ears as they launched Pioneer 10 into space on this date in 1972, bearing a message of peace to anyone who might find it. In this spirit of exploration and hope, today is definitely a time to reach for the stars! Try something new or set some bold goals for yourself

If you live in an area where you can observe the night sky, go out tonight and absorb Tara’s beauty firsthand. As you watch, let the starlight and Tara’s energy trickle into your soul. Make a wish on the first star that appears, and then find concrete ways to help that wish come true. If you see a falling star, it is Tara coming to join you!

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Patricia Telesco