March and the Storm Moon

Moon PriestessMarch and the Storm Moon

This Full Moon occurs between February and March in the sign of Pisces. The theme for this Moon is “Desire” as we solidify the goals that were born at Winter Solstice when the Spark brought the idea into on the radar of our mind. Because Pisces is very mutable and adaptable as a sign, the energy around this Moon allows us to weather the storms that come into play as we receive our confirmation and redirects from God as to what to plant in Spring. It also encourages us to use the brewing storm of our desire and passion for what we are harvesting in creative and inventive ways while we remain attuned to the natural flow and progression of the year.


Days and Times of Power: A Guide to Optimizing High Energy Solar and Lunar Moments
Katrina Rasbold; Eric. Rasbold