Ok, after this I am really gone….

First off, I am trying to track down a good animation program(as usual I got side-tracked, lol!) Anybody who knows me will tell you I am about one of the most ambitious witches you will ever meet. I have this ideas pop in my head and I have to run with them. Most of the ideas aren’t my own, I do believe the Goddess is planting those little ideas and bugs in my brain. Anyway, I want to make a graphic about “Setting 2017 on Fire For The Goddess.” After I get it made I will put it on the main post area and also on the sidebars. I wish, I really, really do that you would take it and use it on your site or just pass it along. As usual, we don’t ask for any credit or links back to us. We don’t do certain things for the glory or the credit. We do them because we are sincere in our work for the Goddess. So I will see what I can track down and if it doesn’t look awesome, you will never see it, lol! If you haven’t figured out yet, I am a perfectionist, always have been, always will be. Which leads me up to my next reason for hopping back.

That pic I put up yesterday of Kade was horrible. It was when we first got him. He was under weigh, his fur looked horrible, I mean really, it was awful. So I have switched computers and this one is the one that has all his pics on it now. I made mention of what he looked like now which made me want to post a few. I promise this is the only time I will give you familiar over-load. I am just trying to prove a point….look, look, he looks much better now.




He might be little but he helps with the chores. Ok, I feel much better now. I promise no more photo overloads. Thanks for putting up with me. Till tomorrow, my sweets,

Love ya,

Lady A

Almost forgot, if you have any pics of your familiars send them in. We will start an “Our Familiar Section” on the site. Well, at least we can look at it and smile from ear to ear. Got any send them in, would love to see them and post them.

A Little Humor for Your Day – Keeping Summoned Beings as Pets is a Bad Idea

Keeping Summoned Beings as Pets is a Bad Idea

by Faerie K.


Why keeping summoned beings as pets is a bad idea…

They may be cute and cuddly when they’re little, but they tend to grow. Fast. To something large.

You can’t flush your overgrown summoned pet down the toilet and no pound will take one. (Trust me on this one. )

Unless you spay or neuter them, they will breed, quickly.

Good luck trying to find a vet that will spay or neuter one…

The feeding costs are astronomical. New Age shops are very expensive. Oh, sorry, I meant “astrological”.

An exotic summoned pet is very difficult to feed. Museums start suspecting your interests in ancient cultures rather quickly.

Getting them used to gourmet food is a bad idea: there aren’t that many virgins around, you see!

Cats sitting on the chest of a sleeping child sucking their life-force out may be a myth. With summoned pets, it isn’t.

No insurance will cover it if your summoned pet bites your guests.

They may even eat your guests while you pop into the kitchen for tea.

When they nibble your toes on Sunday morning, it does NOT feel nice. Besides, you need those toes for proper balance.

Clipping their toenails to save your sofa from being torn into shreds is pretty damn hard.

You think a pet stealing your stuff is bad? Summoned pets steal your stuff and hide it to the astral plane!

Summoned pet dung is difficult to get rid of. They won’t accept it at the toxic waste plant anymore …

Cat’s hairballs are easy to clean away. Try dealing with astral slime puke.

They don’t stay in their cage unless you remember to seal it magickally properly. Every single time.

It also gets a bit tedious to keep that triangle of salt intact in the corner of the living room.

A summoned pet possessing your grandmother is NO fun, I can tell you!

A summoned pet possessing your stereo system may be painful.

Having them play with your altar tools is not cute.

Having them play with your Book of Shadows is even less cute.

Smell of sulfur wafting in the apartment tends to deter Jehovah’s Witnesses and other pests, though… But it does make breathing labored in the long run.

Landlords tend to dislike the “things that go bump in the night” routine you have going on in your flat.

Landlords will detest finding out that paying residents in your block are disappearing as if by magick.

On the other hand, the police may become a tad too interested in the very same phenomena.

It’s not fun to have your pet deciding to “hump” your neighbor’s dog in the middle of your daily walk.

It’s practically impossible to find new, caring homes for the resulting Cerberoses, too.

While it may be cute to have a pet that actually does talk back to you, it’s not nice when they start throwing curses.

It may be nice to have a pet that can retrieve your e-mail along with regular post, but it’s NOT fun having them actually posting replies…

Advanced summoned pets may summon pets of their own. That means BIG trouble.

Last but not least: If you’re not quite careful, you may one day wake up realizing that it is in fact YOU who are the pet in this deal.



The Cauldron

Your Earth Sky News for January 5: How to locate planet Uranus

How to locate planet Uranus

Bottom line: As darkness falls on January 5, 2017, the moon and planet Uranus both reside in front of the constellation Pisces the Fishes.


Your Planet Tracker for January 5th: Mercury in Sagittarius, Jan 4, 2017 to Jan 12, 2017

Planet Tracker

Mercury in Sagittarius

Jan 4, 2017 to Jan 12, 2017


Mercury, the Info Guy, has very mixed feelings about being in Sagittarius. Expansive Sagittarius can be overwhelming to detail-oriented Mercury. Small things are easily blown out of proportion. Facts are out of whack. Tall tales abound. Yet, this is also when the lens of perception is widened and the mind opens.

Mercury in Sagittarius can be a time of enthusiastic words, confident messages and creative communication, but big promises may stretch the truth. The trick is to drop your prejudices, but not your reason. In the desire to find one big answer to all of life’s questions it is easy to overlook nuance and appreciate different points of view.

Sagittarius looks toward the future, so that perceptive Mercury’s presence here supports visions of tomorrow. The trick is to fill in all the details so that the picture you’re selling is the one that actually develops.

The humorous side of Mercury in Sagittarius is well expressed by Woody Allen, Roseanne, Randy Newman, Tracey Ullman, Goldie Hawn and Bette Midler. There’s something rock ‘n’ roll about Mercury in Sag because it shows up in the birth charts of Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Jimmy Hendrix, Little Richard, Tina Turner, Jakob Dylan and Patti Smith.

Athletes and actors born with Mercury in Sagittarius include Troy Aikman, Bobby Hull, Calista Flockhart, Jeff Bridges, Ed Harris, Sally Field, Diane Keaton and Jamie Lee Curtis. Others born with this placement include defrocked preacher Jim Bakker, friend taper Linda Tripp, radical activist Abbie Hoffman, director Steven Spielberg and author Umberto Eco.


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Your Charm for January 5th is Sagittarius the Archer

Your Charm for Today

Today’s Meaning:
This aspect of your life will be strongly influenced by a person who is optimistic, freedom-loving, jovial, good-humored, honest, straightforward, intellectual and philosophical.

General Description:
Ninth sign of the Zodiac, Nov 23rd to Dec 21st. Ruled by the planet Jupiter; correct metal Tin. Those born under Sagittarius were supposed to be enterprising, independent and proud, just, courteous, sensitive, honest, keen sportsmen, fond of animals and of out door life. The Sagittarius gems are the Topaz and Pearl. The Topaz was used by the ancients as a charm against pestilence, burns, chest complaints, and dangers while traveling. It was called the Stone of Strength by the Romans, and worn to keep away gout, lunacy and sudden death. In the middle ages to dispel enchantment, calm anger, cure asthma, and bring joy and contentment.