Spread The Word & Mark Your Calendars


Please accept my apologizes for not letting you hear from me sooner. There have been several nasty rumors floating around about my health. One is said to say I no longer have a left arm. FALSE! Another tells the tale of me having to have both hips replaced. FALSE! It is true, I had my left hip replaced due to the accident but I am feeling more than fit. The other hip, they thought they might have to replace it but it is not going to happen. As long as I have my old neurologist back, no way! He gives out good drugs (oops, did I say that, lol!).


I know none of that answers your questions about what happened to the WOTC. We were (keyword, “were”) affiliated with a council even though we are not a coven. The council was to settle disputes and things like that. They were to be impartial and fair. I can think of probably 3 or 4 cases they handled over the past 15 years. They were informed of “my health.” They then took a vote to close the site down. When that happened the shit hit the fan. This site has been my dream from the very beginning. I built this site over night when it first started up. Then I had six others to help me with the info for it. Probably after about 3 years, we had some trouble makers in the group. That is when I decided to be totally fair and impartial to form the council. It was a council of Elders, to be precise a council of 13 Elders. It was made perfectly clear they never had any say so on whether this site stated on the net or not, that was to be left up to me.


As you know they sent Lady Willow down here to run the site while I took some time off to relax and heal. Well, it never fails, when someone thinks you are down and out, I be damn they will show their true colors. And the council’s rep. Lady Willow did. I had told Mystie in case something happened and I didn’t wake up from one of the surgeries all the codes and passwords to the site. Lady Willow asked Mystie for them and of course, since Willow was a rep from the council, Mystie gave them to her. I know Willow did a few days of work. Then I came back shortly. But the pain of just sitting in a chair was too much. I took some more time off to heal. The last time I took off, Willow was fed up with dealing with the site on a daily basis and deleted it. Didn’t ask, didn’t tell, just deleted and told us she had to go home for an emergency.


Since that time, we have dissolved the council and needless to say Willow has been dealt with. I guess the ones on the council and her forgot that we still have many a friend in those hills. Just so happens, those friends like to read the WOTC on a daily basis. When the word got out, the shit hit the fan again. Pay back to them will be very long and drawn out I can guarantee that. So now we are left to clean up their mess and hopefully get the site running again. We plan on being back on January 2nd. I was smart enough to actually back up all 75,000 files this site contained. For the last four days, we have had 4 computers running just to upload those backed up files. We still have plenty of work to do and by the 2nd, we will be done.


As far as my health goes now, I feel like my old wicked self. I can never apologize enough for what has happened. Just goes to show you even the people you trust will sometimes kick the crap out of you when you are down. Now I know why I never trusted anyone, lol! Again, I apologize for the mess that has happened. Give us a few more days and we will be up and running, I promise. If you would, please spread the word we are back and back to stand this go around. Hell, if I have to have anymore surgeries, I will take the laptop with me in the surgery room, lol! Future surgeries are out of the question, I have had enough of being cut on. I can walk and with the help of my neurologist act fairly normal (what’s normal though?).


I would deeply appreciate it if you did spread the word about us being back. It just makes me sick when I stop to think how wonderful the site was doing. We were spreading the Goddess’ word and the truth about us was getting out. Then something like this had to happen. Perhaps it was a test or perhaps it was just a lazy witch who hadn’t made a commitment to the Goddess. I can go on wondering till eternity, I will never know what she was thinking. I do know what I am thinking, we are going to rebuild this site and we are going to be better than ever, you have my word on that.


Now if I don’t hush and get to work, we will never meet our January 2nd deadline. Don’t forget, no matter what happens, you are our family, we love you and if there is anyway possible, we will always be here for you.


Love you with all our hearts,

Lady of the Abyss & The WOTC Staff