Happy New Year!


This is going to be a fantastic year, I can feel it in my bones! We are going to set this planet on fire with the word of the Goddess. From every little corner of this planet to the next, we are going to spread the truth about us and shout it to the roof tops about our Goddess! We have a lot to make up and with your help we can do it. I have always said one person can’t do it by themselves, it take the entire group of people to accomplish it. Let the Goddess fill your soul, feel Her love and Her beauty encompassing you. Let Her consume every being of your body. Feel the fire that is burning in your soul, when you feel that fire you will know it is time to spread Her message and Her religion. With Her, we can accomplish any and all things. We no longer live in the closets or hide in the basements, we are being accepted more and more each day.

I made a commitment to the Goddess a long time ago. As long as I lived and breathed it would be a honor and privilege to spread Her message across the lands. To spread the truth and beauty about our Religion, to dispel all the old myths and stereotypes associated with witches & witchcraft. To let people know, we are just like them. All we want is to be accepted and live in peace. One person or one group cannot do this by themselves. We need your help. Let this year be the year we unite in spreading our message.

Let the Lord and Lady give us all the strength and courage this year to go forth and let our truth finally be known.

Have a very blessed & prosperous New Year,

Love ya,

Lady of the Abyss

See ya’ tomorrow, my sweets!