I Believe I Promised You Something Last Week, Now I Am Finally Delivering…….

Good Sunday morning, my sweets! How y’all doing this morning? I know one thing it is colder than a well-digger’s something, can’t never remember that part, lol! I don’t believe I told any of you (especially the new ones), we always try to take one day a week off on the weekends. Unfortunately, we have household work and other boring stuff to do. When it comes to housework, I get so jealous of those TV witches who can twitch their nose and its done. Gee, wouldn’t that be nice! But I did get my office cleaned up and found out I have a dead battery on one of our trucks. The battery isn’t even a year old yet and its dead. Hmm! It has been cold, cold, cold but still a battery should last longer than that. So tomorrow, I get to go to town and get a new battery, if it ain’t one thing, it is something else.

But about the promising part I did last week, I do believe I promised to make a ribbon for all our websites. The ribbon was going to show our pride in our practices and belief and most of all our pride in our Goddess. The ribbon was going to declare 2017 “The Year of the Goddess. Well, it might take me a day or two but I do eventually deliver on my promises. So without further ado, here is the “2017 Year of the Goddess” ribbon……


It can be resized to fit your site, I have already tried it on one of our closed sites. I require no link back to us but I would love to see this ribbon on every site on the net. I know wishful thinking but it does let people know we are here, we are alive and this year we are going to be on fire for our Goddess, our beliefs and our religion. I am getting ready to put this ribbon on our site and I hope you will do the same.

Without the Divine, whether you believe in the Goddess or have your own Higher Being, nothing would be possible without them. Now is the time, we give them the rightful praise they deserve. Please join us!

Lady of the Abyss


Oh and by the way, I am not goofing off, I am rebuilding our Rec Room. It seems that several of our members enjoyed that room. They found it relaxing and enjoyed playing the games over there. So it is the first one of our Blogger sites to come back up. When it is finished, I will let you know.


Also besides the ribbon going up, I will be putting a link back up to Coven Life. If you remember that was one of the sites we were sponsoring. We dropped it along with all the others we sponsored because I knew all hell was getting ready to break loose and it did. I didn’t want to take any of the other sites with us so we let them go and explained why. Coven Life is getting ready to start operating again and since Lady Beltane is going to try to get her site up and running, we are going to put the link back up to it. Darn, I just keep making more work and more work for myself. I love it though. Well, if I plan on getting anything done today, got to run.

Have a super blessed day, my sweets!