Good Saturday Morning, my sweets! I only have a few minutes so……

I only have a few minutes because the internet people are getting ready to shut down the system till 5 this afternoon. That was the problem yesterday. They were suppose to be shut down just for a few hours and it turned out to be all damn day. Now, Saturday, ha, ha,  ha, all the neighbors are home from work and they lose their TV, phone and internet. Well, let’s just say it is going to be a hot time in Western Kentucky today, lol!


Needless to say, I am tired and fed up with this internet provider. Last night, when all the work for the day was done and the internet was suppose to be running faster, HA! I checked it with a speed test page they gave me. The test said our internet was running in the lowest 68% of the country. Boy, ain’t that fast! I want away from these people. Every time they do something it just make the entire situation worse.


Thank to the internet provider, we are getting ready to do something we have never done before. As you know we have the raffle going on and apparently there is nothing there that interest you too much. We do have a store that we have been working on when the internet allows us. Since we want away from this ISP so bad, we are opening it up to you for the raffle. Don’t worry if you have already bought a ticket you can pick anything from the store you would like also. Here is how it is going to work:


I am going to give you the addy to our store. Now remember it is not all the way complete but it has some nice stuff in (I can guarantee you that). Look through the page, find something you like and buy a ticket. A $5.00 raffle ticket will get you anything in that store you want. You will see the prices for the merchandise and you will realize you are getting one heck of a bargain. So you now have what is on here and what is in our store. Like I said remember it isn’t through but when it is, it is going to be a superstore.


Here’s the addy and remember a $5.00 raffle ticket get anything in that store you little heart desires. This has went from the New Year’s Raffle to Get Us The Hell Away from our ISP. Sorry about the language but I am about ready to pull my hair out. Enough with that, go find something you like, then come back over here and purchase the ticket. If you do purchase a ticket over there at one of those “buy now” buttons, it will show up the regular price of the item. I hope you enjoy the new addition to the raffle. Now I have got to run before they pull the plug.

Have a great Saturday,

Lady A

The Witches Apothecary