In the Witch’s Tool Chest: Incense Incidentals

Harm NoneIn the Witch’s Tool Chest: Incense Incidentals

When choosing incense for a ritual, try picking one that matches your magickal goal. For instance, if you are doing magick for healing, you may wish to use an incense that contains eucalyptus, sandalwood, or lavender. On the other hand, if you are doing magick for peace, you may want bergamot or jasmine.

Many of us love incense but have problems with allergies or sensitivity to strong smells. Luckily, there are many types of incense these days that are made with completely natural ingredients (essential oils instead of perfume oils), which are less likely to irritate the sensitive. Just read labels and descriptions carefully. And if you are doing a ritual inside, remember that less is more. Whatever your personal preferences, if you are doing rituals with others, it is good etiquette to go with something mild and natural, just in case.

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