Magickal Activity for January 27th, The Day of Ishtar – Creation Spell

"unicorns on valentines day"
Creation Spell

Items needed: One 8-pointed star print on green card stock; one green candle inscribed with the symbol of Venus; a vial of rose oil.

Begin by anointing the candle with the rose oil as you chant:

“Goddess of creation, Star of love,
Descend to me from far above.
Grant me wisdom, bring me power,
As I invoke your name this hour.”

Next, write out your desire on the back of the eight-pointed star. Light the candle, place it on top of the star, visualize your desire, and invoke Ishtar.

Lady of the Morning Star,
Queen of the heavenly sea.
Power of the mighty wind,
And keeper of the mystery.
Lady who guides the mighty Angels,
Mother of selfless devotion.
Enchantress of the mysteries,
Guardian of time and motion.
Lady I now invite thee here,
As the Virgin of pure love.
The one who moves the soul man,
With her splendor from above.
Lady I now invite thee here,
As the Mother of sacred Earth.
Whose power is beyond compare,
So to my dreams give birth.

Allow the candle to burn for four hours, and then extinguish. Carry the star with you or place it in your desk at work. Repeat this spell once a year to ensure creativity.