The Witches Magick for the 8th Day of January – Burning Paper Binding

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Burning Paper Binding

Only do this spell on the waning moon. Write the name of the person that you wish to bind on a sheet of parchment paper, then write down all of the bad things about the person that you wish to change.

Now roll the paper up and tie it tightly with a black ribbon the set the paper on fire but place it into a bowl that will not catch on fire.

“As this paper burns, all these behaviors soon will turn”

Now pour the paper ashes into a bowl of water. Visualize what you want to happen.

Take the bowl of water and ashes to a tree on the north end of your home and pour it around the base of the tree while speaking this:

“I sink this into the earth and give love and understanding new birth”

Concentrate on what you want to be different, then whisper:

“So mote it be”

Douglas Hensley, A Book Of Magic Spells And Hexes


5 thoughts on “The Witches Magick for the 8th Day of January – Burning Paper Binding

  1. Hi lady A!

    I casted this spell on February 26th. I made a terrible mistake as it is winter where I am and therefore the water is frozen down the tree now. Because of that mistake, my relationship is suspended and my lover isn’t even reading my messages. Should I do a reverse love spell?? Thank you


    1. Hey sweetie,
      I believe we have already emailed each other about this, right? Glad you made a comment. This way is quicker than email with us. I know I read your last email and I haven’t replied. I have to apologize for that, something came up unexpected. In regards to all the questions you asked, you were correct on everything. If you need any other help or just want to give me holler, feel free.
      Luv & Hugs,
      Lady A


      1. Hey love,

        Yes we spoke by email. I’ve sent you another one earlier tonight, if it’s possible for you to read it…I am so lost, I’m searching on the entire Web for the whole night to find a solution. I feel terrible for my lack of judgment. I really thought this paper burning binding spell would dissimulate the negative behavior and leave place for the positive one. Having my lover ignoring me for the past week is unbearable…you know, 24 hours already feel like eternity when you think about someone every second of the day, and I am speaking about a feeling I felt even before I considered white magic. I really believe in everything and try to stay mind positive and never I want anyone to be harmed out of this but I really made a mistake and I don’t want to lose him. I Want to fix this the earliest =( thank you lady A for your help because I am feeling so guilty and I’m losing it =(


      2. Hey sweetie,
        I just sent you an email. You should have gotten it by now, I hope. Our email account is messing up. It seems we are going to have to find another to use again. But check and let me know if you got it. If you didn’t I will email you again.
        Lady A


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