Your Ritual Clothing and Jewellery

Your Ritual Clothing and Jewellery


Inevitably there are certain things you will need to remember before you begin your magical working. While you are preparing and putting on your robes or ritual gowns you might spend time in reflection, silent meditation or prayer. Prior to the beginning of any spell and while dressing concentrate on the matter in hand. Alternatively, simply focus on the Supreme Being, Cosmic Responsibility and/or a successful outcome and ask that the event to follow helps you in your learning..


There is no limit to what can be worn. Some suggest white robes with black cords or vice versa, while others simply suggest that you are comfortable in what you wear. Many people will spend a great deal of time, energy and effort on fashioning suitable robes.


The idea is that when working magically you leave behind the ordinary mundane world, so turn off mobile phones, put away keys and name tags, remove money and other objects from pockets and so on.


It will be a matter of choice as to whether you wear jewellery or not. Magical jewellery such as the pentagram, ankh or rings with magical symbols or significance are often worn, although they are by no means essential. Many prefer not to wear watches, since time is considered irrelevant. It is often better not to use perfume or cologne unless it is based on essential oils which are suitable for the work in hand, or complement any incense being used.