The Wicca Book of Days for Friday, November 6th – Day of the Dragoness


November 6th

Day of the Dragoness


The birth of Tiamat is celebrated today. She was the war-like, powerful Mesopotamian creator Goddess of the seas, of the primordial waters from which all life emanated. She was depicted in the form of a dragon and revered as the mother of all the Gods. Dragons have long symbolized fertility, especially in Eastern lands, because of their association with life-giving water. Wiccans honor this aspect of the Great Dragoness, who deploys her mighty strength in the form of protection and creativity.



Invoke the power of the Dragoness today to enhance healing, fertility or creativity by pouring water in a cup and striking a metal bell or cymbal above it. Chant your desired outcome while the resonant note can still be heard. The element of water is linked with the unconscious mind, the moon, female intuition, conception and birth.



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Selena Eilidh Ash