Celebrating 365 Days of Legends, Folklore & Spirituality for Friday, November 6th – Tiamat, St. Leonard

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November 6th

Tiamat, St. Leonard


In ancient Babylonian culture this day was celebrated as the birth of Tiamat, the primordial sea Goddess (the salt water), who with her consort Apsu (the sweet waters) created the world. According to mythology it was Tiamat that brought forth the heaven and earth. Sometimes she is pictured as a dragon or serpent—the unconscious in its most primitive state.

St. Leonard’s cult developed around the 11th century, when he refused to become a bishop and instead opted for being a simple monk. He was the patron of women in childbirth, having helped the queen when no one else was around. But he is most famous for his patronage of prisoners, especially those unjustly accused and bound in chains. Numbers of stories have been told of shackled prisoners that upon praying to St. Leonard found their chains broken.



The Wicca Book of Days for Friday, November 6th – Day of the Dragoness


November 6th

Day of the Dragoness


The birth of Tiamat is celebrated today. She was the war-like, powerful Mesopotamian creator Goddess of the seas, of the primordial waters from which all life emanated. She was depicted in the form of a dragon and revered as the mother of all the Gods. Dragons have long symbolized fertility, especially in Eastern lands, because of their association with life-giving water. Wiccans honor this aspect of the Great Dragoness, who deploys her mighty strength in the form of protection and creativity.



Invoke the power of the Dragoness today to enhance healing, fertility or creativity by pouring water in a cup and striking a metal bell or cymbal above it. Chant your desired outcome while the resonant note can still be heard. The element of water is linked with the unconscious mind, the moon, female intuition, conception and birth.



The Wicca Book of days
Observances, Traditions, and Lore for Every Day of the Year

Selena Eilidh Ash


Calendar of the Sun for March 11th

Calendar of the Sun
11 Hrethemonath

Marduk’s Day

Colors: Light blue and grey
Element: Air
Altar: On a cloth of pale blue lay a naked sword, three grey candles, and a loaf of bread shaped like a dragon.
Offerings: Cut something into pieces.
Daily meal: Fish or meat, chopped finely.

Invocation to Marduk

The warrior’s sword is clean and bright
And has two edges. So Marduk found.
Taking up the sword, he slew
The Dragon Mother Tiamat
And from her body carved the earth
And the overarching sky.
Yet he found, as we all do,
That he could not live anywhere
On this the new earth without
Remembering her, and all that she was,
And he lived and died surrounded
By her at the last,
And her body took his
When at last he was betrayed.
Beware, ye who would be king
By force of arms! Your enemies define you,
So choose them well.

(One who has been chosen to do the work of the ritual takes up the sword and cleaves the bread dragon into pieces, which are then passed around and eaten. Exit to the beating of a drum.)

Deity of the Day for August 25 is Marduk


 Also known as Bel (The Lord).  The son of Ea who defeated Tiamat
(because the other gods were afraid to face her), thus destroying Chaos and
reigning in Order.  He was appointed High God because of this, and he took the Tablets of Destiny from Qingu.  He is the Hero of the Gods, and also a storm deity.  The story of Marduk is very similar to Baal.  Marduk had no real place among the gods until he agreed to defeat Tiamat.  Baal, likewise, had no place among the gods until he defeated Yam, and then he had a palace built for himself.  S=Nunurta (not a direct relation, but this is probably where Marduk came from).  Marduk and his son, Nabu, are, in part, solar deities much like Osiris and Seth.  For an explanation, see Nabu.  Marduk is related to Jupiter, therefore making him a Wandering God.