The Words of Confucius

The Words of Confucius

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.

Your Daily Influences for September 13

Your Daily Influences
September 13th, 2015


The Knight of Wands
Energy and generosity countered by cruelty. Unrestrained impulsiveness.











Laguz reversed foretells a period of stagnation, sensual numbness and lack of creativity.






The Tusk
Evil influences this aspect. Strengthen or renew your faith to repel the evil which has invaded this aspect.









Your Daily Influences represent events and challenges the current day will present for you. They may represent opportunities you should be ready to seize. Or they may forewarn you of problems you may be able to avoid or lessen. Generally it is best to use them as tips to help you manage your day and nothing more.


Your Ancient Symbol Card for September 13 is The Magus

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Today

The Magus

The Magus is the physical embodiment of decisive action based upon knowledge and aimed squarely at specific goals. Thoroughly Yang by nature and firmly set in the material world, he none-the-less has a powerful spiritual connection as well. His knowledge, wisdom and skill are all encompassing. He is complete. His power as a creator is unmatched on our earthly plane. He is self-aware and unafraid to act. His enormous strength gives him the freedom to act as he chooses. However, responsibility comes with that freedom. Because he is not bound to the restraints of others he must choose how to act. The question that always lies before him is should he act morally, or forsake ethics for personal gain.

As a daily card, The Magus suggest you currently possess a tremendous power and freedom to move your life in any direction you choose. In short, you can make things happen. Your true challenge at the moment is to move forward without trampling the dreams of others. Fortunately your moral fiber is strong as well, and will guide you down the right path.

Your Witches Rune for Sept. 13 is The Blank Rune

Witches Rune for the Day

The Blank Rune

Meaning: This is a rune of difficulty and negative influences will rule your life for a time, but as all difficulties are a learning experience it will lead to improved personal perspective and progress on your life’s path. Always consult the surrounding runes with this stone. If it lies with a positive stone, it indicates that the pain of this experience will lead to a beneficial change in circumstances.

Your Crowley Thoth Tarot Card for September 13 is The Hierophant

Your Crowley Thoth Tarot Card for Today

The Hierophant

The Hierophant represents the protector of a culture’s heritage and traditions. His purpose is to defend and teach the established ways and beliefs a group embraces. He is inherently conventional and a true believer in the power of the group. He loves the structure of the group and its values. It is the task of The Hierophant to bring new members into the group—to prepare the uninitiated to take their rightful place in his culture. In this sense he is very much like a teacher or a priest. He also acts as the repository of his group’s history. The Hierophant is certainly not one to buck proper authority. However, he is staunch and worthy defender of the tried and true. He represents the positive aspects of tradition and conformity.


Your Daily I Ching Hexagram for September 13th is The Caldron

Your Daily I Ching Hexagram

September 13, 2015


The Caldron








Put your plans into action. Obstacles will help perfect them.
Line One of Your Hexagram is a 6:
Eliminate your bad habits and you will become more productive.
Line Two of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Do not pay attention to your detractors. It is only your opinion that counts.
Line Three of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Now is the time to begin new enterprises.
Line Four of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Rectify your errors so they do not impede your new ventures.
Line Five of Your Hexagram is a 6:
Separate yourself from negative, selfish people.
Line Six of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Stay balanced. Being strict yet benevolent will insure your success.

Casting the Stones, Your Past, Present & Future Runic Reading for September 13

Casting the Stones, Your Past, Present & Future Runic Reading for Today


bw-ansuzThe Past

Ansuz represents mankind’s spiritual connection to God and the universe. It is often referred to as the “God Rune.” This Rune embodies reason, truth and justice. It denotes the coming of knowledge and true counsel from a higher authority.



bw-naudhizThe Present

Naudhiz may foretell needs unmet and friction in relationships. You may be in a time where you should be very careful in whatever endeavor you take on. Also it may be that you are about to learn some of life’s hard lessons and come out the other side of this period a stronger being.



bw-thurisazThe Future

Thurisaz embodies the polarity of life and death and the struggle to keep them in balance. Expect conflict, hardship and obstacles, but be assured that remaining focused and in touch with your inner strengths will see you through whatever comes your way. This Rune may also represent protection from your enemies, which is never a bad thing.

Your Lucky Tarot Cards for September 13

Your Lucky Cards

This reading represents elements that favor you.


First and foremost Death does not specifically pertain to our physical death. The Death card marks ends and beginnings. Although most illustrations of the Death card tend to be morbid, the forces behind the Death card are actually quite exciting. Yes Death does mark the end of something. But ends are often brought about by completion and not loss. Most endings are actually good, and make room for us to begin new adventures.

When The Tower is among your personal cards, the influence of Death may be increased. Having The Fool or The Empress in your personal cards may diminish the influence of Death.

The Emperor

The Emperor is gifted with the skills to successfully lead others. He can turn chaos into order, provide structure to that which is unbound. He is quick of mind and confident in his power and right to rule, and does so in a just manner. Although stern by nature, he truly is the ultimate father figure. He will provide as needed, teach those with unanswered questions, protect the vulnerable, set and maintain boundaries. His perfect world runs on schedule and is free of any disturbances. What the Emperor must be wary of is setting boundaries and rules where none are needed. If he isn’t he may well become a tyrant.

When The Hierophant or Justice are among your personal cards, the influence of The Emperor may be increased. Having The Empress in your personal cards may diminish the influence of The Emperor.

Your Daily Tarot Card for September 13 is The Lovers

Your Personal Daily Tarot Card

The Lovers

The Lovers indicates both the most powerful of unions and the most of challenging conflicts humans must face. On one side The Lovers’ embodies love and union on a cosmic scale—a love so strong, so inherently good that it actually makes the lovers better, more than they really are. All of the elements are there for the perfect union. The Lovers represent all powerful unions in general, and the elements that create/sustain them. The problem The Lovers face is temptation and the decision to act morally or abandon their ethics to take advantage of other opportunities that would be defined as transgressions.

Fall 2015 Love Horoscopes

Fall 2015 Love Horoscopes

Smooth sailing

This fall emphasizes duty and humility when it comes to romance. Isn’t it nice to know that you can really count on the one you love? When you’ve had a long day at the office, he or she is there to rub your feet, open a bottle of wine and listen to you share your story. You’ll come home and see that the house is spotless, your dry cleaning picked up and dinner is served. This is the kind of energy you’ll enjoy with both Venus and Mars — the cosmic lovers — in Virgo this fall.

Mars will enter Virgo on September 24 and remains here until November 12, while Venus enters Virgo on October 8 until November 8. Pay attention to the most glorious days of love this fall on September 23, when Venus is at a transformative trine to Pluto and then again on October 25, when Venus and expansive Jupiter embrace. Another day to look out for is November 2, when Venus and Mars embrace. Although this happens in Virgo, don’t think for one moment you won’t enjoy the sexy potential. Virgo IS an earth sign after all!

Relating and relationship is emphasized in other ways this fall when you consider that a supportive Lunar Eclipse in Aries falls on September 27. Perhaps this will make you realize that you’re tired of “going it alone” if you’re single. You might be ready to take the plunge in partnership at the New Moon in Libra on October 12. Don’t worry too much about communication mishaps between you and your mate if you’re already attached. Just put some caution tape around September 17 until October 9 while Mercury is retrograde in Libra. After that, it should be smooth sailing all around


Aries Horoscope (March 21 — April 19)

You might have a “Eureka” moment near September 27 and finally figure out what it is you really want when it comes to your love life. Even so, it may not be easy to implement whatever it is you’ve figured out until after October 9. Be patient and remember that your partner might need some extra time to adjust to your awakening. He or she is, however, likely to support whatever new beginnings you hope to implement. You’ll see this most strongly after October 12. November 8 through December 4 brings in a whole new phase of harmony between you and your love. Wonderful!

Taurus Horoscope (Apr 20 — May 20)

Who cares about the weather getting cooler outside? This fall, your love life will be on fire! Sexy Mars enters your true love sector on September 24, where he’ll remain until November 12. Love planet Venus joins the party between October 8 and November 8. With the cosmic lovers in the same area of your chart (not to mention lucky Jupiter) there’s no way your love life will be a “nonevent” this fall. October 23, 25 and November 2 will be your favorite days for romance so be sure to make extra time for you and your sweetheart. In fact, the Full Moon in your sign on October 27 leaves no doubt that your heart will be full of love. A New Moon in your partnership sector on November 10 seals the deal. You’re ready to commit, if you already aren’t. Enjoy extra harmony with your mate after December 4 and into the early days of winter thanks to Venus making her way through your 7th House of Relationships.

Gemini Horoscope (May 21 – Jun 20)

Romance might seem confusing in early fall but don’t worry — you’ll gain plenty of perspective after October 9. You just need Mercury to turn direct in your true love sector first. Be patient and avoid making any permanent decisions about your love life until after October 12 for best results. By then a glittering New Moon will shine in your 5th House of True Love, offering you an opportunity to meet someone new or make things right with the one who already has your heart. In fact, it appears that you can’t make a bad decision when it comes to relationships this fall. This is thanks to love planet Venus touring your 7th House of Commitment from November 8 — December 4. Love with substance is yours when Venus kisses Saturn in your partnership sector on November 13. Embrace it!

Cancer Horoscope (June 21 – Jul 22)

You’ll be so distracted with family matters early this fall that love might not be high on your priority list. Don’t worry — fall won’t be a total loss for you in the romance department. In fact, late October into November is when things really begin to heat up. On October 23, a conversation about the love you share with your partner will surely leave you feeling fulfilled. If single, a New Moon on November 10 will set the stage for someone extra special to come into your life. This person will be seductive, mysterious and oh so impossible to resist! Romance really hits a high note for you between December 4 and December 30. Good things come to those who wait!

Leo Horoscope (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Decisions about your love life might give you a headache until Mercury turns direct in Libra on October 9. Do yourself a favor and avoid sharing your thought process with your mate too much until after that point. In fact, after October 12, there might be a brand new opportunity to see eye to eye on an important topic. Finances will blossom for you this fall and it appears you’ll want to be extra generous and indulge your lover because of the cash expansion. The end of October will be a great time to do something special “just because.” Your lover will be thrilled at the gesture! If single, an opportune New Moon in your romance sector on December 11 is all you need to make something magical happen with someone new. Wow!

Virgo Horoscope (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

This fall expect your love life to reach new heights! Lucky Jupiter is already in your sign blessing you with more opportunity than any other sign. Starting September 24 and lasting until November 12, Mars will enter Virgo adding plenty of stamina and courage to go after what — and who — you want most. Your sex drive will also amp up thanks to this cycle. But wait — there’s more! Love planet Venus will also enter Virgo on October 8, remaining there until November 8. During this stretch of time, you’ll feel as if you have nothing but pleasure coming your way in all areas, but most certainly in love. Pay attention to extra goodness on October 23, when a fated love connection might come your way. Then, October 25 brings you luck in love. November 2 might be a day to anticipate the best sexual experience you’ve had in quite some time. Yum!

Libra Horoscope (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

A turning point in your relationship is likely near September 27 and overall, it looks promising. Unfortunately, there will be a tone of confusion that might leave you weary and worn out until after October 9. Be extra patient with your partner and accept that he or she might not really understand the meaning behind your words until then. The good news really starts to spread after October 12 beginning with a New Moon in your sign. This is when you can initiate anything you want to connected to your love life and know it’ll be met with success. When Venus moves into your sign between November 8 and December 4, you’ll be able to enjoy extra confidence to attract others your way. If single, there might be plenty of attention from others during this time. Work it!

Scorpio Horoscope (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

If you’re single as the fall begins, you’ll want to make sure to maximize all of the incredible social opportunity that comes your way. Between September 24 and November 12, it’ll be especially chock full of invitations to parties, events and other venues. Romance with a friend might blossom between October 8 and November 8. Pay attention to what transpires in matters of the heart near October 23 — a conversation with a friend might become a turning point for both of you. Then, on October 25, you might get your wish in love — whatever that might be. If you’re in a relationship, the Full Moon on October 27 will deepen the bond you and your mate share. A New Moon in your sign on November 10 might be a personal fresh start, but could just as easily indicate a brand new relationship forming. You’ll be irresistible between December 4 and December 30 while Venus tours Scorpio. Use your magnetism well!

Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

A potent Lunar Eclipse in your true love sector on September 27 might be life changing as it relates to your love life. This Eclipse will make a gorgeous link to Saturn, the planet of maturity and structure, now in your sign. As a result, it’s possible that your feelings for someone close will be illuminated in a way that’s far more substantial than just “fun and games.” If you’re in love, it’ll be time to step up to the plate and declare it. Your friends might have a difficult time supporting or understanding your partnership choices until after October 9. That’s ok — it’s not their journey, it’s yours. The Full Moon in your partnership sector on November 25 highlights relationship matters once more and the New Moon in your sign on December 11 will allow you to take all you’ve learned this fall about life and love and move forward in a bold, exciting new direction.

Capricorn Horoscope (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

You’ll have high hopes for matters of the heart this fall and you should! The cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, will move through your 9th House of Mind Expansion together from October 8 until November 12. During this stretch you and your sweetheart will explore a new level of spiritual and intellectual depth together. Romance blossoms on October 23, October 25 and again on November 2. If single, a Full Moon on October 27 might bring someone into your life with whom you’ll share a deep physical connection. If you’re already dating someone you’ll enjoy a heightened sensual bond with your sweetheart.

Aquarius Horoscope (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

If you’re in a committed partnership, this fall will bring significant — and positive — developments for the two of you in terms of finances and intimacy. Additionally, expect to feel more courageous than you ever have to explore the darker side of your relationship. Where you feel most vulnerable with each other is exactly where you have the potential to share the deepest transformative love bond. The key is your willingness to surrender to each other and trust. Happily, this will be well supported — especially on October 23, 37 and November 2. A Full Moon in your true love sector on November 25 may help you find new love if you’re single. A deep mental connection you enjoy with someone special can quickly lead to romance.

Pisces Horoscope (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Relationships will be a central focus for you this fall. Lucky for you, the stars are on your side! Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is already in your partnership sector as fall begins. On September 24 and until November 12, Mars will enter the same area of your chart. This will make things spicy and interesting so if you felt that your relationship needed just a little more zest, it’ll be coming your way. Then, love planet Venus enters the same area of your chart on October 8 through November 8. With the two luckiest planets of the zodiac (Venus and Jupiter) together there’s no doubt that a major blessing in love is coming your way. Pay attention to what develops on October 25 when these two benefic planets make an exact conjunction. Also, on November 2, Venus and Mars reach out to each other in a passionate embrace. Sparks will fly! is a Daily Insight Group Site

Get A Jump on Tomorrow, Your Horoscopes for Monday, September 14






Get A Jump On Tomorrow…..

Your Daily Horoscopes for Monday, September 14th



Aries Horoscope

With Jupiter in your work and health sector now and for the coming year, this can be a time of increased work, dear Aries, but ideally, of increased enjoyment of your work, daily routines, and self-care programs. You’ll have some nice help from Pluto for accomplishing your work and health goals, but this week, you may be dealing with a hurdle. Circumstances are such that it becomes especially important to balance out your life by making more time for spiritual, imaginative, and reflective activities, or you’ll lose some of the motivation and spark you have for your work and body care endeavors. Listen to instinctual needs for time away from your duties either to take care of yourself or of others requiring care. For some, you may be experiencing some restlessness now if your work is not fulfilling you on spiritual and emotional levels. For others, you could be dealing with unresolved issues, fears, or guilt now, and these can stand in the way of your efforts towards wellness. Consider ways to heal self-destructive tendencies. Also, consider that it’s a lack of game plan that’s holding you back, and if so, get to work on clarifying your goals.



With Jupiter now in your creative and romantic sector until next year, dear Taurus, you’re certainly finding new, or rediscovering old, ways to enjoy and express yourself. However, with Jupiter opposing Neptune this week, you could be dealing with some ambiguity in your friendships. Some of you could be feeling that friends are not entirely supportive or reliable. Your new endeavors or relationships could be taking you away from certain friends, networks, or groups, or there may be conflicting goals and outlooks experienced with different relationships. Alternatively, there could be some loss of motivation for a long-term dream or plan if it no longer seems quite as viable. Some people could be letting you down now. Watch for glossing over important, practical details, and resist the appeal of gambling or taking other forms of risks. Young and impressionable Tauruses may be mixing with the “wrong crowd” at this time. Watch also for indiscriminately lending to friends or recreational escapism that goes too far. Do your best to conquer fears that your talents are not special enough and fears of standing out from the crowd. Don’t let a lack of direction, game plan, or structure to leave you behind. You’ll get plenty of help with this going forward.



Uncertainty with career or major life-plan goals, or a lack of solid game plan or structure, can subtly undermine your efforts to improve and enjoy your family and home life this week, dear Gemini. Now and in the coming year, there can be increased enjoyment of, and attention to, your home life and family, but this new drive in your life can meet a temporary challenge now. If you can let things flow instead of pushing for direction or clarity, you’ll be able to get over this hurdle. Even so, it’s important not to completely escape responsibility or jump ship. Aim for balance. Excessive money spent on home improvement, too much emphasis on the home to the point that other areas of your life suffer, or some unwillingness to expand your horizons are things to avoid now, as they can complicate your life unnecessarily. While there can be quite a bit of joy in your personal life, try not to cling so closely to the past that you forget to tend to important life path responsibilities. Insecurity or ambiguity about your future can certainly deflate you, but even if you don’t know where you’re headed right now, it’s important to apply yourself to practical affairs, such as schooling or work, so that your life is in basic order when you do discover your direction.



With Jupiter expanding your personal interests and bringing more opportunities to learn, share, and connect with others, dear Cancer, this can be a busy time for you. This influence can stimulate quite a bit of enthusiasm for learning, writing, and connecting, and is with you for a year, and the Solar Eclipse yesterday gave another push on the matter. However, with Jupiter opposing Neptune this week, you could be feeling a little overwhelmed or blue if you’re tied down and have too little time to feed your desire to escape and explore. Perhaps you’ve already put too much on your plate, or insecurities about your knowledge base are popping up now and preventing you from going forward with gusto. If you’ve been taking on so many daily activities, communications, new interests, and learning endeavors or studies that you are now overwhelmed, consider prioritizing. Be especially clear in your communications and watch for misrepresentation. You could experience some feelings of disillusionment with, or interruptions of, current studies or belief systems. These are temporary and remind you to take better care of your emotions going forward. It’s also a call to try to simplify things and get back some order into your life. Find ways to focus and prioritize so that you can take advantage of opportunities that arise.



There is a big push in your life towards material goals these days, dear Leo, and you can be feeling quite enthusiastic about a particular project or business. Some of you could have a few too many ideas or projects in the works and this can feel a little overwhelming this week, particularly if you discover that you don’t have all the resources or support you anticipated and need. Other Leos might be wrestling with funding source problems and unreliability, or old debt. However, excellent energy is with you for new sources of, or increased, income from your own efforts not only this month and on some level in the coming year as well. Right now, you need to be a little more disciplined. Be on the alert for glossing over or ignoring certain expenses or debts. If you are accumulating personal possessions too quickly, this can lead to clutter and disorganization. If you’re overconfident about your ability to make money, then you might take foolish risks, such as borrowing from your future, and this tendency can be especially strong this week. There can be a conflict over someone else’s resources or money, issues with others squandering your resources, or a frustrating clash of values. Watch for over-indulgence and be extra careful if you are lending or borrowing.


Virgo Symbol/Glyph

With Jupiter in your sign for a month, dear Virgo, and for the coming year, you’ll be discovering all sorts of new facets to your personality, and confidence is building. A solar Eclipse just occurred in your sign, giving you yet another nudge forward – to go after what you want. However, there is a Jupiter-Neptune opposition this week that can serve as a small hurdle, largely in the form of some soul-searching as to what it is you are shooting for. For some of you, this aspect can take the form of a small disappointment with a partner or relationship status. There can be a sense that you’re without an anchor or game plan. While Jupiter is in your sign and urging you to try new things and to go forward with confidence, someone (or circumstances) may be indifferent or unreliable, or possibly even feel a little threatened by your displays of independence. There may be problems with self-discipline, budgets, and limits to deal with now. Getting these things resolved should be a priority now so that you’re in the best possible shape to enjoy the upcoming Jupiter-Pluto trine and the opportunities for self-development it will bring. Once past this feeling of overwhelmed, and with a greater understanding of your needs and wants, you’ll be raring to go.


Libra Glyph-Symbol

With a strong emphasis on your sector of hidden self, privacy, rest, and spirituality these days, dear Libra, you could find yourself very frequently needing extra time to yourself or time to refresh and regroup emotionally. Mental health matters are in strong focus. Some of you could be doing a lot for others. However, a Jupiter-Neptune opposition this week reminds you to seek out balance between doing and resting. Ambiguity in your daily affairs, with work, or with physical health matters can certainly weigh on your mind and interrupt your restful activities. Lack of structure and discipline can eat into your inner world. While your tendency is to play a supportive role to others, if taken too far, you will need to draw some boundaries when it comes to your energy and time. Difficulties keeping up with daily schedules can be an issue. Escapism should be watched for, as this will only serve to exacerbate problems. There is stronger joy in being of service to others, but do be careful that you take care of yourself as well. Neglect may be your biggest enemy this week. It’s not a given, just a potential, so remind yourself to seek out balance.


Scorpio Symbol Glyph

You have recently begun a year-long cycle that points to prosperity in your social life, dear Scorpio, and the Solar Eclipse yesterday has brought another charge of energy in that direction. However, this week there can be some concerns, guilt, excess, or confusion that needs to be addressed before moving forward more confidently. This can involve a romance, a personal project or goal, or children. Some of you may have been pursuing a project on your own, and this month, you may realize that you’d benefit most either by giving up a current project or goal and pursuing a new one, or accepting that you’d be better off enlisting help. The change is likely to be an empowering one, even if there is some resistance at first. There could be some disappointment or insecurity on romantic or creative levels that is affecting your friendships and your ability to get out, diversify, and enjoy yourself relatively free of restrictions. Watch for an over-emphasis on activities that leave you feeling guilty about not dealing with your responsibilities effectively. There may be difficulties with a romantic partner or children who may be at odds with the energy and time you are pouring into your friendships and causes. Nevertheless, getting over this hump will ease you into an upcoming fabulous Jupiter-Pluto trine that is sure to provide the direction and confidence you may feel is lacking now.


Sagittarius Glyph Symbol

Jupiter has been enlivening your career and reputation sector for the last month, dear Sagittarius, and will continue to bring expansion and growth to these areas of life for another year. This transit is strong for confidence about your ability to lead, direct your life, and advance your professional interests. However, this week a Jupiter-Neptune opposition occurs which can symbolize a hurdle to jump in the form of a test or brief slowdown. It can be disorienting as you may question your ability to take the lead. Disorganization or ambiguity on the home front, or inner insecurities, can leave you feeling less than effective. You may be wrestling with your own insecurities or a lack of solid support, possibly from family, and this can affect your ability to attend to your more worldly concerns in a focused way. There may be difficulties with a family member who is at odds with the energy and time you are pouring into your career or public life. Some of you may be feeling that you don’t have a solid anchor. You may be confused with so many options and possibilities in front of you. This is something that you can and will overcome, and you’ll be better off for it. A game plan that takes into consideration your priorities makes sense now. Today is strong for coming to important conclusions with the help of someone special to you.


Capricorn Symbol/Glyph

While you’ve had some big pushes towards exploring and discovering new things recently, dear Capricorn, this week you may need to battle a tendency to be disorganized in your daily life or fuzzy on your facts. Get over this hurdle, and you’ll be far better prepared for opportunities in October and beyond, when you’re especially credible, taken seriously, and opportunities to advance your interests emerge. For now, you could be feeling some disillusionment with education or personal interests, difficulties with instability in the family unit or with home life/moving house that restrict your explorations, or challenges keeping up with daily life due to interruptions. Watch for misrepresentation by being especially clear in your communications. As well, you could find that you’re procrastinating or responding to distractions simply because you don’t really have a game plan or direction to head. Recognize that any insecurities you may be feeling about putting yourself out there are likely due to disorganization and distraction, which with some effort can be corrected. The more organized you feel, the clearer your conscience and the more confidence you’ll have to do new things and share your ideas with others.



Jupiter has been transiting your solar eighth house for a month, dear Aquarius, and will continue here for another year. This can bring a more joyful inner or intimate life and better support from others. It’s also a powerful time to get into deeper touch with yourself, inner desires, fears, addictions, and vulnerabilities. If there are any insecurities about your ability to stand on your own financially, however, they are likely to emerge this week as Jupiter pulls up to an opposition with Neptune. Taking on too much debt or relying too heavily on others for support may be an issue for some of you. It’s important to remind yourself to avoid excesses that can negatively impact your personal income and to watch for the accumulation of shared debt. Use caution when it comes to lending and borrowing, even as you may be feeling quite generous or concerned about helping out others. As well, you may want to use some discretion when communicating about intimate matters. However, don’t let insecurities hold you back from enjoying your life and your relationships. Consider ways to improve your feelings of confidence about your own talents and resources. One possibility is getting more organized in these areas. Part of your insecurity could be about not knowing the facts if you’ve been avoiding them.



Jupiter opposes Neptune, perfecting in three days, dear Pisces. This can stir up an identity crisis of sorts, as both planets are your rulers and Neptune happens to be in your sign. How much should you be giving of yourself to your relationships can be a question now for some of you. There can be indecision now, and that’s par for the course as you get into better touch with what you need and want from relationships, and how willing you are to share yourself at this time in your life. It will be important to let a partner know what you want, or at the very least, that you’re undecided at this time, which is the more likely scenario. This week, you may be wrestling with your own image and concept of independence, and you may be struggling with whether to allow someone else to take the lead. With Neptune in your sign, you are not always sure of what you want and you can also be a little commitment-shy. Nevertheless, responsibilities call and people in your life seem to be offering you what you need. Some of you could be attracting partners who are more concerned with freedom than with pairing, or who seem to be quite extravagant or full of themselves. There could be troubles associated with an existing partner’s extravagance or demand for freedom, and this can make you feel a little uneasy. Your best bet now is to remind yourself of your own worth and get yourself more organized, as insecurities now may be due to some level of self-neglect or lack of awareness of all that you have to of