My Growth and Journey as a Maiden, Mother and Crone

Enchanted Circle of Witches®

I thought it might by nice to share a little more about this person I am now with you. I took the name Beltane for my witch’s name because one it is my birthday and two it is one of my favorite Sabbats. My most favorite is Samhain which allows me to set aside a day for remembering my ancestors in a ritual and the fact that it starts a new year. The “Lady” part was bestow on me when my coven broke into hive covens, I did not just one day decide to give myself that title..

As a young maiden I found happiness in everything around me. At the time I was being raised in a Christian faith of my father and mother’s. I had carefree days of playing with friends and cousins, fishing and hunting with my dad, playing sports and learning an instrument or two along with…

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