A Very Blessed & Beautiful Wednesday Morn’ To All Our Precious Family & Friends!

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We have a previous engagement and we won’t be able to be with you today.  It has come to my attention that the rest of the world doesn’t keep our hours, lol! We will be back tomorrow (hmm, might need to check the calendar), I promise.

We did have an interesting concern come up in the back and I wanted to address it before we run. The comment was in regards to the Witch Hunts and the Burning Times happening again. I had never stopped to think till  now that some of you might have these same concerns. I have never thought of the Burning Times or Witch Hunts occurring again. I asked the other ladies here and either have they. We all agreed that the world knows we exist. We also agreed that the majority of the world knows we are just like any other individual on this planet. We are not baby-killers nor are we Satan worshippers. We believe in the Divine and we want to have the right to worship the way we see fit. We want to be left alone, live a happy life, and enjoy the beauty of our world that we have been gifted with. We are stewards of this planet and mankind. We are far from evil and that message is getting out.

There are occasions when others try to impose their religious beliefs on everyone. When this happens, we cannot tolerate it. This country was founded on religious freedoms and other basic human rights. When an individual or a group try to infringe on our rights, we cannot afford to be silent. Silence is our enemy. We have to take a stand for what we believe in and for what our ancestors died for. We can never stand idly by, we have to let our voices be heard. We will never again go mildly into the night. Our history has been very bloody but we will not let history repeat itself. We will not stand by and watch while our brothers and sisters suffer and be persecuted for their beliefs. We are a different people now, our ancestors’ spirits have filled our hearts and souls. With our Divine Mother, Almighty Father and ancestors besides us, you can reassured the days of old will never return.

There was one more concern also addressed, it was pertaining to the violence in our country and the world. The United States as well as the rest of the world is in a horrible state of affairs. I believe the individual that wrote, thought I might have an answer to the problem. Unfortunately, I don’t. I wish with all my heart I did. I remember seeing the image of the little boy washed up on the shore in an European state. It broke my heart, what have we become, what? You have refugees running for their lives to escape terror only to face hatred and violence. In our own country, every day there is a shooting or a killing. It seems like now that the Police are the target of everyone’s anger. Has the people stopped to think, who will protect them when the Police are gone. What then, mass chaos in the streets of this once great country.

Our country and the entire world has forgot how sacred life is. The world has turned its back on the Divine. We have forgotten our core beliefs that we were taught since we were children. To stop the violence we once again have to turn back to our religious beliefs. It doesn’t matter whether you are Catholic, Baptist, Wiccan or Witch, we have to turn this country around and back to religion. I am not saying we have to become religious fanatics. I am simply saying we have to instill the belief of the Divine back into our country. Once we do that, the Divine will encompass their lives. Show them how sacred all life is, what a gift it truly is and it is always to be treasured. I know mankind, there will still be killings but perhaps we will reach those who need to hear our words the most. Perhaps we will stop another killing from occurring, save one life. Might not seem like much but once we start spreading our message of the Divine, it will spread like wildfire.

We are the guardians and protectors of mankind. It states we are to assist mankind at anytime needed. We are desperately needed now. The Almighty Goddess has given us the power, the will and the seeds to spread Her message. Let us take Her seeds and spread them across the world. Let Her message be heard. Once the world sees our Divine Mother and all She has to offer, the world will change.

This is the mission we have been tasked with, are you ready to take up your seed bag?



May the Goddess Bless Our World, Our Brothers & Sisters

As we now take up your word and spread it throughout the land.

We ask, Divine Mother, that You shine your love into the hearts

of every man, woman and child on this plane.

Show them Your glory and your love

That we may once again live in peace

and respect our neighbors as we respect ourselves.

End the violence, Divine Mother, let peace reign

Once again for us and future generations to come.

So Mote It Be.

—Lady of the Abyss