Your Daily I Ching Hexagram for August 27th is 10:Treading

Today’s I Ching Hexagram

10: Treading

August 27th, 2015







Test your plans before fully implementing them.

Line One of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Rely on a prudent approach at this time.

Line Two of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Remain focused. Digressions may harm you.

Line Three of Your Hexagram is a 6:
Edit unsound plans. Be wary of taking more on than you can handle. Delusions of grandeur will harm you.

Line Four of Your Hexagram is a 9:
When ready, move forward with caution. Only the fittest will survive. You should be successful.

Line Five of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Being unprepared invites disaster.

Line Six of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Scrutinize your work with great care. Giving it your best will insure success.

Casting the Stones, What Does Your Past, Present & Future Have to Say!

Casting the Stones, What Does Your Past, Present & Future Have to Say!


bw-tiwazThe Past

Tiwaz is the Warrior Rune. It represents pure, masculine power and the ability to successfully fight to meet your goals. However, you must be careful that costs of attaining your goals overshadow their values.


bw-isaThe Present

The Ice Rune, represents stagnation and a passionless existence. Your life’s course may seem blurry at the moment, but if you persevere you will move onto better days.


bw-berkanoThe Future

Berkano is the Rune of birth and rebirth. This may symbolize a time when you are capable of great personal growth. Love may be in the air as well.

Your Daily Rune for Thursday, August 27 is Kenaz


bw-kenazYour Rune For Today

Kenaz foretells the coming of clarity and knowledge. It is time for you to grow by exchanging knowledge with others. Opportunities are upon you.

Additional information about Today’s Rune, Kenaz

kenaz : torch


Phonetic equivalent: k (can also be used as a hard ‘c’)


wisdom, insight, solution to a problem, creativity, inspiration, enlightenment


for creative inspiration, aid in study, fertility, dispelling anxiety and fear


Mimir, the Dwarfs, Muspellheim


In modern usage, the Scottish ‘ken’ means to know or understand, and this is the sense in which the rune should interpreted. Today, light, inspiration and knowledge are often associated, as in ‘gaining enlightenment’ and ‘shedding light on the problem’, and even in the image of a lightbulb going on over someone’s head when they get an idea. To bring light is to make the invisible visible.Unlike the wisdom gained at þurisaz, kenaz only allows us to take bits and pieces of this knowledge away with us as we need it, usually at the discretion of the Gods. This knowledge will generally come in the form of a sudden inspiration, and we will be able to see clearly the answer that was once hidden from us. This form of wisdom is more closely associated with the right half of the brain than the left, since it does not come through conscious effort but rather through passively opening one’s self to it. Thus, a more feminine element is added to our journeyer’s experience.

The act of bringing light into the darkness is also a creative one. Again consider the image of the person carrying a torch , representing the masculine elements of fire and air, entering the cave and penetrating the feminine realm of earth and water. This joining of masculine and feminine elements results in the creation of new ideas. In physical terms, this can be correlated to the application of fire to mold and shape matter – the art of the smith.


Your Daily Tarot Card for August 27th is Judgment

Tarot Card of the Day



August 27, 2015










What has traditionally been known as the Judgement card, sometimes entitled Resurrection, represents the great reunion that the ancients believed would happen once in every age. This was the time when souls are harvested and taken Home to their place of origin, outside the solar system. Then the World is seeded with a batch of new souls and the process starts over.

From a modern point of view, this great reunion — which includes every personality that you have ever been and every soul that you have done deep work with — reunites to consciously complete the process. In a way, we symbolically celebrate this returning to center every year on our birthday.

In personal terms, the Judgment cards points to freedom from inner conflicts, and so clear a channel, that the buried talents and gifts of past incarnations can come through an individual in this lifetime. This card counsels you to trust the process of opening yourself, because what emerges is of consistently high quality. You can effortlessly manifest as a multi-dimensional being, and assist in evoking that response from others. is a Daily Insight Group Site

Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, August 28th

Get A Jump On Tomorrow….

Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, August 28th


A series of minor annoyances impedes progress today as intellectual and emotional brush fires erupt throughout the day. Mercury and Venus clash as miscommunication or ill-timed revelations stir up stressful relationship dynamics. Our tendency to overreact now is prompted by a tense aspect between the Sun and unruly Uranus. Unfortunately, impulsive actions cannot be retracted, making it wiser to take a few deep breaths before losing our tempers.

Aries Horoscope

(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Your dreams about love are likely to be more interesting now than the actual events in your everyday life, magnifying your awareness of what you are lacking in the romance department. Your internal chatter is loud, tempting you to share your current desires with others. Nevertheless, it may be wiser to keep your running commentary to yourself because you can’t foresee someone’s reaction. Some things are better left unexpressed; it’s best to face the fact that today’s fantasies simply might be more enjoyable than anything you can conjure up in the real world.

Taurus Horoscope

(Apr 20 – May 20)

You would rather do nearly anything today other than what’s expected of you. Curious Mercury is agitating your key planet Venus, distracting you with one enticing possibility after another. You can play all the various scenarios through your mind a hundred times, but you still may not be able to make any of them work well enough to justify dropping your previous commitments. Don’t be surprised if you end up returning to your original plan, since in the final analysis it might be the best pick over the alternatives.

Gemini Horoscope

(May 21 – Jun 20)

Your rash behavior surprises your friends and family, especially if you lose your cool today. Everyone might think you’re acting irresponsibly, but you could see things quite differently. You are giving a great deal of thought to your current options and are willing to risk your emotional security for the chance to rock your world. Ultimately, you must follow your instincts and hope others will admire your originality and courage down the road.

Cancer Horoscope

(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Toss out your inhibitions today as you dream about an exciting journey to someplace far away. It really doesn’t matter whether or not you actually pack your bags and go anywhere; the sense of freedom that you feel when envisioning your exotic escape makes it all worthwhile. But as bold as you can be within the imaginary realms, it’s not necessary to fight against the practical considerations that bring you back to your current reality. Balancing both sides of the equation allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Leo Horoscope

(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

You are integrally connected to your deeply rooted feelings today, but you’re frustrated because you can’t express your desires in words. Your passions run strong and your emotional reactions are so extreme now that it may be in your best interest to remain quiet rather than burdening others with your drama. Although procrastination is far from a permanent solution to your dilemma, expressing yourself will come more naturally tomorrow. In the meantime, channeling your angst into your work is a constructive expression of your creativity.

Virgo Horoscope

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

You are so enthusiastic about your personal and business relationships today partly because you understand how they are supporting your goals. Nevertheless, you’re also acutely aware you’re not totally free to say what’s on your mind, for you could easily upset the status quo if you do. Even if you are tempted to ask for what you want, it may be prudent to wait until next week. Patience is your strongest ally now as long as you keep one eye on your goal at all times. Timing is everything.

Libra Horoscope

(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

There’s way too much chaos in your world today, leading you to take matters into your own hands. However, the more you try to quiet things down, the noisier they become. Exerting your will over others is a dead-end strategy that won’t bring you satisfactory results. Although you’re tempted to look outside of yourself for answers, it’s much more effective to elevate your attitude than to change anyone else’s. Sometimes, leading by example is all you can do.

Scorpio Horoscope

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

You aren’t thrilled about the current restraints on your self-expression — you have a lot to say today, but can’t seem to find the appropriate channel to get your thoughts out. Fortunately, feeding the flames of your hope acts like a magnet, attracting the right people who can help you make some positive changes. An alchemical transformation that turns a difficult situation into the magic of pure light is possible if you respect the limitations being placed upon you now. Counting your blessings never hurts.

Sagittarius Horoscope

(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

You’re walking through a metaphysical minefield today, making it critical to uncover the potential trouble spots in your current plan before you reach them. However, the sooner in the day you revise your calendar to make time for contemplation and prayer, the better your chances of keeping the rest of your schedule intact. Fixating on an arbitrary goal is an exercise in futility now. Adopting a proactive perspective encourages the illusions to fall to the wayside. Keep the faith; your temporary disappointment will seed new spiritual growth.

Capricorn Horoscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Your heightened expectations drive you to take every moment of your life more seriously now. However, you want others to admire how self-contained you are in your approach to getting things done. Resist the temptation to break a few minor rules in order to catch someone’s eye. Shortcuts seem to work for everyone else, but your safest route to success is taking the tried and true path to your destination. Don’t stray from your natural rhythm; you can cover more distance than anyone else as long as you march to your own music.

Aquarius Horoscope

(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

A highly inflated view of your finances today encourages you to lead an extravagant lifestyle. In particular, it’s wise to avoid an impulsive purchase of something you covet but, in all honesty, could do without. Don’t squander your money on material distractions when there are more important matters to address. A practical mindset to managing your cash flow is less fun, but a dose of frugality serves you better in the long run. A penny saved is a penny earned.

Pisces Horoscope

(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

The stars in your eyes twinkle brightly as you step outside of your regular comfort zone today. Something wonderful is afoot, and you’re eager to accept an invitation to shine on center stage. Tread lightly; you could upset the security that you worked so hard to achieve by gambling your future on a risky venture now. There’s no simple answer to your predicament, so reconsider all options carefully before saying yes. Follow your heart, but stop to listen to your head first. is a Daily Insight Group Site

If You Were Born Today, August 27


If You Were Born Today, August 27

You are emotional and sensitive, sometimes to the point of drama, but the people around you love you for it. In fact, you can achieve the greatest success when you are able to express your creativity and your sense of drama in your line of work. Strong emotions can trip you up at times, but if channeled well, can lead to great success. You can sometimes be a “mother hen”, caring for others and worrying that they’re safe and happy. Loving, passionate, and warm, life would be dull indeed without you! Even so, you can be difficult to know at times, possibly because you wear your feelings on your face, and they are not always indicative of reactions to the company you’re keeping but rather they’re more in line with your thoughts. Misunderstandings can be frequent as a result. You are keenly sensitive, but not only in a self-centered way – you also pick up subtle emotional cues surrounding others, and this may be the reason that you’re so thoughtful. You are a visionary, and you promote love, harmony, and equality. In love, you are attracted to, or you attract, people who are success-oriented, accomplished, and practical. Famous people born today: Martha Raye, Tuesday Weld, Barbara Bach, Aaron Paul, Alexa Vega, Sarah Chalke.

Courtesy of Café Astrology

Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, August 27th







Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, August 27th



Aries Horoscope

Today is strong for applying yourself to your work or devoting your attention to a creative project, child, or romantic relationship, dear Aries. You are especially independent and self-directed right now. However, you are also entering a cycle today that stimulates a stronger desire to communicate with others. Mercury enters your solar seventh house today and will continue to transit this sector that rules partnership for a longer time than usual, until November 2nd. There is a shift in mental focus to making connections and collaborating. Mental cooperation is especially important to you during this cycle. You can gain a better perspective on your own life, thoughts, and ideas through discussion with a partner or someone special in your life. You could find that discussions with others tend to be more objective and reasonable. You seek out learning experiences, mental encounters or connections with others, and intellectual stimulation.



Today, Mercury enters your solar sixth house, dear Taurus. While Mercury typically transits a sign in about 3-4 weeks, this transit will last until November 2nd. You’re especially focused on details during this cycle, and some of you could be learning new, or updating old, skills and areas of knowledge. While you should certainly watch for overwork, a tendency to fret, or an inclination to nitpick at this time, it’s a strong cycle for attention to important systems in your life. You can get a lot done now. Work, schooling, or daily life and routines can keep you especially preoccupied and busy. You could be perfecting your skills or researching health or work methods to your advantage. There can be strong ideas for business and money, particularly on a detail-oriented level. While the outside world can demand your attention today, you can benefit from working on a domestic project that requires strong focus or concentration.



Mercury is your ruler, dear Gemini, and so its sign changes might have a stronger effect on you than many. Today, Mercury enters Libra and your solar fifth house, and being in the same element (Air) as your sign has its benefits. You’re more self-expressive and your ideas tend to be received well during this cycle that lasts until November 2nd. There can be more dialogues, communications, and thoughts about creative or romantic pursuits at this time. You can be a little more showy or theatrical in your approach, enjoying putting on a show or entertaining others with your observations. You are attracted to others on a mental level more than usual during this period. Today, the Moon moves into harmony with your sign as well, allowing emotions easier expression. Life engages you more than usual now, and you can be feeling especially vital and curious.



Mercury moves into your solar fourth house today, dear Cancer, where it will stay for a longer than usual time, until November 2nd. This is a lively time for family or home life. Your thoughts can frequently turn to personal matters during this cycle, and you can be filled with ideas about activities that improve your domestic world. You could need space to think, and may very well come up with the best ideas while in a comfortable environment. There can be work or learning going on at home, or more activity or “traffic” there, such as making many small changes or attending to details in the home. Circumstances can stimulate more memories of the past, and people from your past may figure strongly now. or trailers. Even so, today is especially strong for applying yourself to work or business matters. You seem to have more patience or determination to draw upon now.



Mercury begins its transit of your solar third house today, dear Leo. This is a longer than usual transit of Mercury and it happens to be a very supportive one. Until November 2nd, there is a stronger curiosity and focus on learning, sharing, teaching, communicating, and connecting. Your communications tend to flow more naturally and others more often understand what you intend them to understand. You could be busier and more communicative than usual, particularly with classmates, siblings, neighbors, and acquaintances. This is a strong time for learning from friends or networks, and also for sharing your own knowledge with others. There can be more movement or “traffic” in your daily life during this period. Today is strong for applying yourself to learning, particularly something new or an entirely different subject or perspective on a subject. New methods can engage you and absorb your attention.


Virgo Symbol/Glyph

Mercury enters your solar second house today, dear Virgo, and will stay in this area of your solar chart for a longer period than usual, until November 2nd. During this cycle, you are inclined to frequently think about manifesting results, building upon your ideas, or putting plans into practical action. Material affairs, business, and finances can be in stronger focus now. You’re especially interested in producing tangible results. It’s a good time for communicating about practical affairs and business communications in general. There can be more pleasure in planning ahead or organizing your affairs. It’s also a strong period for educating yourself on financial or commercial matters, and for developing your talents and resources. During this cycle, you can be feeling especially desirous of independence and may be especially responsible for earning income and managing money. It’s a fabulous time for specializing, so focus on those things you know well and learn even more about them.


Libra Glyph-Symbol

Mercury enters your sign today, dear Libra, and will stay in Libra for longer than Mercury’s usual three or four weeks, and in fact until November 2nd. You are communicating with more impact during this cycle, and can be more talkative, curious, and perhaps restless or on the go. You are sharper, more observant, and tend to find no problems being “heard”. Because Mercury rules your solar ninth, you may be more verbal about your beliefs and opinions about larger matters. You can be especially focused on learning new things. This is a time when you have more mental initiative than usual, wanting to put your ideas into action. Some of you could find that you’re intellectually competitive at this time. You tend to make executive decisions and rely more on yourself and your observations when making decisions, depending less on what others think you should do. While this doesn’t always work out well for other signs, you generally do consider all sides of a situation, and at this time, can benefit from some independence and self-interest. Today, however, is strong for getting things done, particularly with a partner.


Scorpio Symbol Glyph

Mercury begins its transit of your privacy sector today, dear Scorpio, and will stay in this area of your solar chart for a longer period than usual, until November 2nd. This is a good period for contemplation, reflection, research, and meditation. Your thinking is especially influenced by, and focused on, past experiences and memories. This analysis is good and helpful, of course, to a point, after which it can lead to frustration or can keep you fixated on emotionally unhealthy matters and inclined to want to escape from your more practical affairs. There can be some inconstancy with studies or work, but overall this period is good for seeing details you may not normally see, building your intuition, and bringing some objectivity to emotional issues. You may be working in relative solitude, people may be taking you into their confidence, and there can be fascinating reveals of secrets or discoveries of hidden resources during this cycle.


Sagittarius Glyph Symbol

Mercury moves into your solar eleventh house, dear Sagittarius, where it will transit for some time, until November 2nd, so you’ll have plenty of time to work with this energy and use it to your advantage. This is a strong idea cycle! It’s also good for networking and gaining inspiration from what you learn through and share with others. With Mercury in harmonious aspect to your sign, communications in general are easier, natural, and mostly well-received, although there can be some miscommunications during the upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle (which will occur from September 17-October 9). People tend to seek you out or get in touch with you more often. Partnering with a friend in some manner may figure strongly during this cycle. This is a time when conversations with friends and various networking activities can offer valuable learning experiences. You are thinking outside of the box. Today is especially strong for applying yourself to something creative or educational.


Capricorn Symbol/Glyph

Today, Mercury moves into your career and reputation sector, dear Capricorn, and will transit there until November 2nd. Due to an upcoming retrograde cycle, this transit lasts far longer than the usual Mercury transit. This is a time of increased learning and communicating on professional levels, and also of stronger impact, particularly in terms of what and how you communicate. You seem to be more accountable for what you say and what you know. There can be more movement, a hectic pace, or increased communications in the work you do at this time. For some of you, your ideas may come into public view now. You are likely doing some multi-tasking regarding career and business matters. This is a fabulous time for ambitious ideas and thinking. Even so, there may be increased mental pressure at times during this cycle. Today is strong for independent study and research.



Mercury begins its journey through your adventure sector today, dear Aquarius, where it will transit until November 2nd. This is a longer transit than Mercury’s usual, and it happens to be an easy one for you. Communications and learning are favored in a general way, and ideas are mostly well-received during this cycle. You may be meeting people, and possibly romantic interests, through the internet, schooling, or travel. There can be a stronger interest in getting away from it all or changing up your routines at this time. You might also be especially interested in long-range visions, ideals, and goals. Conversations are often about broader issues and beliefs or opinions. Today, the Moon moves into your sign early morning, stimulating a more vital and involved approach to your life. There is good energy today for applying yourself to learning and studying.



Today and until November 2nd, Mercury is transiting your solar eighth house, dear Pisces. There is emphasis on deep thoughts, study, research, secrets, or mysteries during this cycle. This is not the best cycle in which to be clearly understood, although you may be quite content on this level, and communications within an intimate relationship can improve. You might also learn a lot about your own inner workings at this time. This can be a cycle in which you learn significant things about a partner, finances, shared finances, taxes, and debts. It’s in fact a strong time for making financial plans and strategies. You are especially interested in motives and hidden elements of life at this time. Today, the Moon moves into your privacy zone, prompting you to need more time to yourself and some form of emotional withdrawal and renewal. It’s a good day for independent work. You could find that you are especially able to apply yourself to your work right now.

The Balance of the Signs and the Elements for Thursday, August 27






The Balance of the Signs and the Elements for Thursday, August 27


Self-confident, generous, warm-hearted, powerful leader, dramatic. Can be overly proud, vain, extravagant, arrogant.
Meticulous, discriminating, pure, practical, health conscious, hard working. Can be hyper-critical, petty and perfectionistic.
Humanitarian, innovative, group conscious, progressive, serving others. Can be rebellious, eccentric, aloof, emotionally superficial, overly extroverted.

Scores: Fire 5; Earth 5; Air 5; Water 2
There may be some insensitivity or lack of empathy now. We may be out of touch with what we’re feeling or with our emotional needs. We may be tougher than usual now, and more inclined to follow mental or practical considerations than we are to listen to our intuition.



The modes are balanced.

Astrology of Today – August 27, 2015







Astrology of Today – August 27, 2015


Mercury enters Libra today for a longer stay than usual due to an upcoming retrograde cycle in the sign (Mercury will retrograde from September 17th to October 9th), until November 2nd.
•The Moon is in Capricorn until 4:03 AM.
•The Moon is void from 3:19 AM to 4:03 AM.
•The Moon is in Aquarius from 4:03 AM forward (until Saturday, August 29th, at 4:50 AM).
•The Moon is waxing and in its Waxing Gibbous phase.
•A First Quarter Moon occurred on the 22nd and a Full Moon will occur on the 29th (in Pisces).
•Venus is retrograde (Venus is retrograde from July 25-September 6).
•Mercury enters Libra today (Mercury transits Libra from August 27-November 2).

The Shifting Balance

The Shifting Balance

a message from Kate Spreckley

To read more of Kate’s insight, please visit her website, Spirit Pathways Foundation


Many are questioning the purpose behind their lives and searching for guidance and insight. Very few are prepared to do the actual work that is required to shift and change, as our habitual way of thinking is to consider such questions as unknowable. We shrug off any awareness we get as we are drawn into the mundane aspects of our lives. But in these current times of transformation and shifting consciousness a new definition of our nature and the balance of the feminine and masculine energies is being called for.

Humanity, as a whole, has lost themselves in creating a seemingly secular, secure, economic environment to replace the spiritual one we experienced many thousands of years ago. The questions of why we are here have been pushed aside and repressed to enable the establishment of a more comfortable style of survival. We have used the drive for this comfortable style of survival as a reason to live, to feel complete, gradually forgetting our original and individual purpose for being.

What we seldom remember is that as a representative of the Divine Feminine in physical form, woman hold space, hold energy and direct the masculine in when and how to manifest form and reality. We have forgotten that woman are the guiding force behind transformation and that without the Divine Feminine our world, cultures, societies, families and relationships are out of alignment and balance.

When we remember the true purpose of the feminine energy and we contain that purpose with love, we have the power to transform this world and to create a new balanced and harmonious reality. We can only truly see this transformation and balance in our world when we allow the feminine power her rightful place. In saying that, we are seeing the rise of the feminine energy and power in our cultures and societies. Woman are no longer the watchers or the doers. Woman are no longer required to follow, but are leaving their mark by leading and guiding. This empowerment has been a long time coming and as we see more and more woman moving into their true power, which is based in love, an awakening of the feminine within men will be initiated to bring a new balance within relationships, families, cultures and societies.

For many this process is causing conflict, as men, and woman, feel threatened by the feminine power awakening within. Many are struggling to adjust to the increased independence and power of woman, which is creating conflict in relationships and partnerships. Men don’t necessarily understand the need woman have to access and own their own power. They don’t necessarily understand why woman cannot find happiness and fulfilment in having t heir basic needs met.

What most have forgot is that thousands of years ago it was the responsibility of woman to build communities and to run those communities. A woman’s role and purpose was so much more than just being a wife and a mother. Woman were the healers, the midwives, the crafter’s, the herbalists and the teachers. These roles fulfilled the basic needs of a woman’s soul and brought a very necessary balance and harmony to individual societies and cultures.

In the past few thousand years our world has drastically changed and been shaped to function according to the masculine form of thought and structure. Domination, aggression, force and control have been at the heart of all our relationships and social conditions. The feminine qualities of intuition, healing, compassion, nurturing and non-violence have been discredited and condemned. The feminine power has been weakened and when small independently thinking groups of woman (so called witches) showed their power they became a threat and were burnt at the stake. Thus the balance between the feminine and the masculine energies was destroyed.

In the last century we have seen woman having to take on the roles of both the feminine and the masculine just to survive. These roles have become so blurred, unequal and unbalanced that most don’t even know what the purpose of these Divine roles actually is. We have forgotten that woman require greater stimulation and free access to their inner power and wisdom. We have forgotten that woman carry the key to access the spiritual realms of intuition, healing and spiritual wisdom. We have forgotten that it is woman who have easy access to the Void, the Great Mystery, from where all wisdom and guidance comes.

We are in a time now where it is essential for our survival that these two forces of creation are brought into balance, a balance that is equal in power and responsibility. As woman become more independent, separate and powerful there are less marriages and unions, and a greater desire for woman to earn their own keep. With the evolving balance between the feminine and the masculine energies, men will no longer need to shoulder the responsibility for the care, protection and support of the family unit or community. Although woman have always carried the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the family, they are now more equipped to shoulder equally the total responsibility of the family and community.

For example it may be easier to work at a career than it is to raise a well balanced family. As the masculine surrenders and accepts the feminine energy and power, we will see a powerful transition that creates perfect balance within our world. This shift is a process and will be a long time in the making, but eventually we will see human emotions such as jealousy, stubbornness and withholding becoming a thing of the past. Men will allow woman to take an equal stand and position without threat or judgment, without the need for a woman to suppress her true feminine power in favour of the masculine energy.

The unconscious threat is potentially that woman assume the masculine role and thereby create more imbalance, recreating the very same patterns of suppression and subjugation in reverse. This is why it is essential that both woman and men learn to operate from a place of love, truth, forgiveness, acceptance and understanding, honouring each other in this profound space of transition.

This shifting of balance is a process and we are only really in the beginning stages. The solution lies in connecting with your healing, intuitive, spiritual gifts and learning in a safe space. Be this within a relationship, a partnership, or a business, without assuming that you can do this alone or be exiting current relationships and partnerships.

It is essential too that woman remember their inherent gifts of intuition and healing and bring these gifts as a force for positive, loving change in relationships, families, cult rues and societies. External factors will always be of great influence, such as solar flares, planets in retrograde, planetary alignments and on a more physical level, financial loss, loss of loved ones, changes of environments and illness. The key is to take all factors into consideration whilst doing everything for your highest good and the good of humankind.

Change cannot be avoided and what we are experiencing in these profound times is the manifestation of that which is in need of healing and or transformation. Whether this be within our world or within ourselves it is up to us to heal, change, transform and move forward. The greatest advice I give my clients who are in process within relationships, financial crisis or loss of faith, is to work through it and not ignore it or walk away. Most times the healthiest platform to work from is the plat form you are currently standing upon.


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Weekly LightBlast: Creating a Wave

Weekly LightBlast: Creating a Wave

a message from Jamye Price

To read more of Jamye’s insight, please visit her website, Crystalline Soul Healing


Blessed Creative Being, you live in a world of waves, of vibration. Your science has told you for many years that the solid table is a mass of vibrating molecules, densified by a bond that creates a sensory effect of solidity. Yet at its core it vibrates, willing to release the bond with the proper force. For a table, that force may be impact, fire or a chemical compound that severs the vibrational attraction, changing the behavior of the particles at the subatomic level. Your science has also discovered the ability to track light at a level so small that mere awareness changes the behavior from waveform to particle form.

Your awareness, then, is a catalyst that causes the behavioral change in a wave. It is not the only catalyst, and at this point in time, you are reconciling the time factor in form as you build form from awareness, choice and action. These are the building blocks of your world. The natural world around you shows you clues, the technical world around you now also shows you clues; but you must find your internal path of knowing that you create your world.

Much of your awareness resides in your unconscious mind, your subconscious awareness. Begin utilizing your intuitive senses, your choice and your actions toward clarity of feelings, thoughts and expression. This brings the vast subconscious into conscious awareness. As you focus your awareness, you begin creating impact in the subtle realm of waveform rather than the physical realm of table form. Your impact is your feelings, thoughts and expression. It is not visible like the results from the table, yet it begins the reworking of form.

You Create a Wave with your awareness; your feelings, thoughts and expression that manipulates the malleable vibration of life around you. Observe how your choice of kindness shifts the behavior around you. Observe how anger, suppression and shame shift the behaviors around you. Choose your impact, for you are influencing the form of your world. That form is not typically visible or palpable in the moment. Yet the vibrational behavior is changing and compelling new bonds before your eyes are able to see it. Choose your impact.

As we sit to Blast Creating a Wave, we are boldly choosing the positive potentials that seem impossible in the current bonding of humanity. We are influencing the future with the force of Love that compels rather than complies. We are learning our power to stand strong in the winds of change, creating a new future rather than lamenting the challenges that formed such strength. We are relentless in our expression of Love, allowing the impact of a yes or a no to be drenched in the creation of a new foundation of Love. We are unwilling to see no hope, for though it is invisible, it is within and calling for our wave of Love to bring it to the surface. When another ebbs, we flow; for humanity is remembering that Life is supportive in invisible, yet compelling ways. Blast on!


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Current Moon Phase for Thursday, August 27th is Waxing Gibbous

Under the Moonlit Skies
August 27
Waxing Gibbous
Illumination: 93%

The Moon today is in a Waxing Gibbous phase. This phase is when the moon is more than 50% illuminated but not yet a Full Moon. The phase lasts round 7 days with the moon becoming more illuminated each day until the Full Moon. During a Waxing Gibbous the moon will rise in the east in mid-afternoon and will be high in the eastern sky at sunset. The moon is then visible though most of the night sky setting a few hour before sunrise. The word Gibbous first appeared in the 14th century and has it’s roots in the Latin word “gibbosus” meaning humpbacked.

Phase Details for – Thursday, August 27, 2015

Phase: Waxing Gibbous
Illumination: 93%
Moon Age: 12.16 days
Moon Angle: 0.54
Moon Distance: 372,112.28 km

Sun Angle: 0.53
Sun Distance: 151,136,206.09 km


Lady A’s Specialty of the Day – Herbal Witches Cleansing Bottle Spell

Celtic Greetings (Gp)...

Herbal Witches Cleansing Bottle Spell


To make an herbal cleansing bottle, pour a layer of sand in a large clear bottle. Add layers of dried herbs, one at a time: first rosemary; then lemon peel, sage, cedar, black peppercorns, lavender, dill, bay leaf, and rowan.

When the bottle is full, focus cleansing protective energy into the herbs and sand, and see a golden light radiating from the bottle. Visualize the herbs driving away negative influences.

Cork and seal the bottle with white wax. Using a permanent marker, draw the Algiz rune on one side of the bottle, and on the other side draw a pentagram.

Set the bottle near your front or back door, and every six months, uncap,

Pour herbs out into the woods or your compost heap, and thoroughly wash and dry the bottle before filling it with a new round of herbs.


The Witches Magick for the 27th Day of the Wort Moon – Finger Painting Sex Magick

celtic woman and dragon



You will need your lover, one ounce of olive oil, nine drops of vanilla scented oil, and three drops of jasmine-scented oil.

Just before you make love, take a warm bath with your beloved. Decide what you both want to direct your sexual and orgasmic energy toward. Keep it simple and be specific. Next, mix the oils together, and paint words of endearment on your lover’s naked skin. Finger-paint one word on your lover’s skin, then ask your lover to paint a word of love on your skin. After you paint each word, use your fingers and your imagination to rub the oil gently and sensuously into your lover’s skin. See how many words you spell before you fall passionately into the throws of lovemaking. Direct your lovemaking energies toward a shared goal or dream.



Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year

Sirona Knight


Let’s Talk Witch – The Fifth Element

Raven Of The Night

Let’s Talk Witch – The Fifth Element


In the ancient Greek philosophical school of thought, the fifth element was referred to as ether. Aristotle wrote of ether as an element that transcended physical decay and aging, or in other words, the element of which the stars were made up. Ether has also been speculated on as the energetic field which connects all things in the universe. To the ancient Chinese, the fifth element was simply space, as all of the other elements require space in which to exist. Still others have called it time, because none of the other elements can exist without duration. While these thoughts are clearly divided, you may notice that they all follow a common theme: all of them speculate on the fifth element as a unifying element between the other four.

For magickal purposes, the fifth element is referred to as spirit. Even within the range of magickal practices, there are different meanings of this concept. In traditional magick, spirit is the unification of all other elements. It is also representative of the will of the magickal practitioner to direct the energies of the other elements. In this sense, we could say quite accurately that the fifth element is magick itself.

On another esoteric level of understanding, the spirit element represents the completion and balance of man. You may notice that the four elements all represent parts of nature of the human. Earth is aligned to the physical body, water is aligned to the emotions, air is aligned to the consciousness, and fire is aligned to the life energy within. The spirit element is achieved when these four are all at work and balanced within a human being. Lack of proper balance will inherently cause suffering in one form or another. Traditions that seek to improve the practitioner through achieving this balance often use the four elements as symbols of the aspects that combine to create a properly balanced human being. It is for this reason that Masonic ritual, one such tradition, makes reference to the four elements at the end of its Entered Apprentice degree. It is during this section that the new initiate is taught, through understanding of this type of symbolism, that the four aspects of man must be balanced in order to lead a happy, healthy, and productive life. As you will see when dealing with elemental symbolism, spirit can also be repesentative of the balanced unification of the masculine and feminine aspects of human beings.

Elemental Magick: A Guide to Harnessing the Magickal Powers of the Elements (The Ultimate Guide to Magick Book 3)

Ralph Eicher