The Daily Motivator for Oct. 22nd – Energy and drive

Energy and drive

Just about any technique, process or system can lead to success or to  failure. What matters most is not the technique, but the energy and drive you  put into it.

If you feel you’re stuck in a hopeless situation, you’ll remain stuck as long  as you feel that way. As soon as you become enthusiastic about the opportunities  for improvement, you’ll begin to make those improvements.

In every kind of endeavor, there are those who succeed spectacularly and  those who barely get by. The difference is not in the occupation, but in  attitude, commitment and level of energy.

There are people who make it their business to make a positive difference in  life. Choosing each day to be one of those people will give you a continuing  supply of amazingly effective energy.

Even though you may not be in an ideal situation, you can create an ideal  outcome. Use the day, use the moment, use the encounter, use the circumstance to  lift the world higher.

With an attitude of generosity and a commitment to excellence, every day can  be a great day. Decide to give real, meaningful value to life right now, and  feel the positive energy begin

Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator