The Witches Magick for Oct. 17th – Silver Moon Spell


Silver Moon Spell

This spell is called the Silver Moon Spell. Use it when you want to attract abundance.

You Will Need:

Your magickal broom

Cauldron/metal bowl

Fresh Water

Silver Coin

The spell should be done during the Full Moon.

Choose an outdoor space where you have a clear view of the moon, without any trees or houses blocking it.

Sweep your magickal space with the broom, and create your circle using natural Elements such as stones or twigs.

Fill the cauldron half full with water and position it so that the light of the Full Moon reflects in the water that is in the cauldron.

Drop the silver coin into the cauldron.

Gently sweep your hands just above the surface of the water, you are gathering the silver of the Moon.

As you do this, say the following

“Lovely Lady Of The Moon,
Bring to me your wealth right soon.
“Fill my hands with Your silver and gold,
all you give my hands will hold.”

Concentrate deeply on your needs, and focus on the thought of the endless abundance that exists. Focus on attracting a piece of that abundance to you.

When you have finished your spell, pour out the water onto the ground. Take the silver coin and keep it in your pocket until your fortunes begin to change.