The Witches' Spell for Oct. 2nd – Excellent Spell To Stop Pain

Pain Spell

         To lessen or be rid of pain.

Items Needed:

Black Candle

This is a very short spell/prayer that can be used at any time, with or without the candle. I will tell you from personal experience, asking the Goddess to help with the pain. DOES WORK!

God and Goddess

Hear my plea

Take this pain away from me

Leave me feeling good instead

Strong of body, clear of head

So Mote It Be

16 thoughts on “The Witches' Spell for Oct. 2nd – Excellent Spell To Stop Pain

    1. I will see what I can track down for you. I know we have a few. Do you mind waiting till we get through with our daily posts?


  1. I need a spell which will bring me enough money to pay my bills and ward off attorneys it seems since Im trying to retire everyone wants money…old landlords// attorneys that caused me to lose my career and will the pain spell work for a friend of mine ?


    1. Yes, the spell will work for your friend. It would be best if she said it for herself. If she won’t and you are good at visualization then you can do it for her. But it is always best for individuals to cast their own spells. It is a good idea when casting for another person, to ask their permission first.

      I have two spells for you. They will be at the end of the daily posts we do. One is a money spell and the other is a lawyer binding spell. I hope they help you out. I know how you feel, money is tight everywhere. Unfortunately, it only seems like it is going to get worse before it gets better. If you need anything else, just holler.
      Have a blessed day, dear sister,
      Lady A


  2. Hello
    It would be very helpful if you can post a contact spell. It’s very urgent, I need to contact with someone but that person isn’t answering my calls. I want that now I should hear from that person. Please help me out and suggest a simple contact spell.
    Thank you so much


    1. Yes, it can be used for emotional pain. You would only have to reword it a bit. For instance, (I looked at the spell real quick so I am paraphrasing from my poor memory) at the end, change it to be “strong in heart, strong in mind, and strong in body.” If you have been suffering from emotional pain for a while, you can also call on the Powers of the Universe to assist you in releasing that pain. I know some don’t believe in the Goddess as I do, so the Powers of the Universe works very well in those situations. I hope I have answered your question, need anything else, just holler.
      Till then…
      Lady A


  3. I recently lost my best friend, my familiar this week and I cannot think, breathe or function. Is there a spell to help ease this pain enough so I can at least function on a basic level til I can adjust to him being gone?


    1. I am so very sorry for your loss. I have posted several prayers, a ritual and a spell for you out on the main board. I also left you a personal message there for you. I know what you are going through, even writing the letter to you, I tuned up and cried like a baby. The pain will get easier but it will take time. You will always carry with you the memory of your baby in your heart. As long as you keep her in your heart, she will never truly be gone. Please read what I posted for you. I am so very, very sorry for your loss, Raven. If you need anything at all done hesitate to let me know. Till then..
      May the Goddess Bless You and Comfort You,
      Lady A


    1. To be truthful MsBee, I have always used it for physical pain. I am getting a very heavy heart feeling from you. Give me just a second and I post a spell for emotional pain. Please wait, it won’t take very long at all. I just have to type it up real quick.
      Goddess bless you, my sister.


    2. I came up with two spells, first one is here
      Getting ready to post the second

      You did not mention what kind of pain you suffered from. Both of these spells should take care of anything that is causing you pain. If they are not the correct kind of spells, please let me know.
      Goddess Bless.


  4. HI
    This does really work, i feel that something heavy has been lifted of my chest and nowim happy all the time 🙂


    1. Thank the Goddess, sweetie. I am so happy the spell worked for you. Isn’t it great when you can feel the love & joy of the Goddess coursing through your veins Thank you for letting us know! I am so happy for you.


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