The Witches' Spell for Oct. 2nd – Excellent Spell To Stop Pain

Pain Spell

         To lessen or be rid of pain.

Items Needed:

Black Candle

This is a very short spell/prayer that can be used at any time, with or without the candle. I will tell you from personal experience, asking the Goddess to help with the pain. DOES WORK!

God and Goddess

Hear my plea

Take this pain away from me

Leave me feeling good instead

Strong of body, clear of head

So Mote It Be

Against Headache

Against Headache





“O, pain in my head,
The father of all evil,
Look upon thee now!
Thou hast greatly pained me,
Thou tormentest my head,
Remain not in me!
Go thou, go thou, go home,
Whence thou, Evil One didst suck,
Thither, thither hasten!
Who treads upon my shadow.
To him be the pain!
By Migene Gonzales-Wippler

Hey Guess What?

We’re Still Here!


That’s the Good News!

Now for the bad, WordPress is being a pain in the royal ass today. I don’t know if they are working on the sites or not. But every time I go to post there is something. I had to stop one time and write a complete line of html codes. My dear friends put smiley duct tape over my mouth, lol! I can’t help it. This is suppose to be a fantastic day! I don’t something to screw it up for me.

Thought I would let you know you are still here and so is WordPress :(!

Have a super day!

Blessed Yule, dear friends!

Something I wanted to share……

I am going through the old WOTC group. I ran across something that I want to share with you. Every time I read it, I almost cry. I don’t remember were I picked it up at but it is a very touching poem. See for yourself…..



Again the burning came,
She felt the heat, the searing pain
a cry lanced through her heart
“Why, My Lady, Why”

She lay quietly, remembering
lost within the labyrinth of the past
and the future
she did not feel the bite of the cruel blade.
Bleeding, moaning, she saw the man
his face, and heart masked with black
she knew his choices and his pain
Oh, to cause pain, to accept his own
if only she could Touch him, Heal him.

“I love you” she whispered
dark eyes calm, yet full of pain
“Don’t ” cried the man “I want to see you die”
“I love you and forgive you” she said
tears rolled freely down her cheeks

Again, and again the searing pain
As the man applied the red hot blade
“Do you still love me, and forgive me” he screamed?

Despite the pain she answered strongly
“I do”, She smiled
“Blessed be” she whispered.

A wave of pain sent her among the stars.
“My Lady” she cried “I’m frightened”
Strong arms held her close
“You have done well my child, rest now”

The man watched as the blade grew cold
As the young body before him cooled
tears streamed down his face
and he whispered
“Forgive me”

Today’s Affirmation for December 29th

Gypsy Comments & Graphics
In pain and sorrow lies truth. I honor the anguish the heart may feel
to understand myself and those around me. Sadness begets joy, joy begets sadness. I push forward, through the dark towards the light. I celebrate the richness of the human exprience.
                                        ~from RowanTurningLeaf


~Magickal Graphics~



This is to be done on a rainy night outdoors.
Stand in the rain and let it touch you – do not wear heavy clothing to protect yourself from it.
Call the rain and draw it down harder. Cast no circle, lest the pain stay trapped within it.
When the downpour becomes heavy, begin. Say the incantation charged full of emotion
and let it come from the heart.
“Rain, take the pain.
Rain, take the pain.
Rain, take the pain.
Rain, take the pain.
Rain, take the pain.
Rain, take the pain.
Rain, wash away my pain.
Cry for me and take away my tears.
Rain, wash away my pain.
Cry for me and take away my fears.”
Hold palms open to the sky and let the rain fill them. Wash your face and eyes with it.
Repeat this three times.
“Let the tears fall, with the water,
into the earth, into the rock.”
Let the pain go, release the energy.
Let it wash away. Imagine it leaving you and entering the earth bound by rock.

Happy Wednesday my sweets!

Good Morning my sweets! I hope everyone is having a good day. I got up at 6:30 a.m., thanks to my husband. He wanted to know if I wanted to make the coffee or him (is that a hint or what?) He is still griping about me sleeping all day yesterday. He can’t understand what is wrong with me no matter how much I tell him or the doctor tells him. But anyway I got up and actually felt good for an hour or two. I cleaned the kitchen, even drug out the Swiffer, feed all the cats, feed the fish, clean the living room and then cleaned me up. I came in here to sit down and take my medicine and drink a cup of coffee. That’s when it hit me. I had one of those things the Doctor has been calling “shingles” just pop out pretty as you please. If you bend your hand, that is about the size of it. And this one is hurting like an SOB. I took my back medicine which includes a lot of pain killers. So I figure if the pain isn’t gone by my 2:00 dose, I am going to the hospital. I think the doctor doesn’t know what is the matter with me and she is going to kill me.

I didn’t know if I had been acting goofy with my postings or anything, if so I apologize and you know what is wrong. I am sick and I can’t seem to kick this. If you have an extra minute or two today, please remember me again in your prayers. I have said it a thousand times and I will say it again, when this group sets their mind to something………..GREAT THINGS HAPPEN!  If I should disappear before my posting is done, it is because the pain has got so great, I have had to go to the hospital. I found a gem that eased the pain but I can’t figure out how to get it to the spot it needs to be. I am going to start the postings. Please remember me in your prayers today.

Goddess Bless,

L. A.