Wishing You A Very Blessed & Happy Friday, Dear Friends!

I know I am an awful blogger and witch, go ahead and say it, lol! This morning has been crazy to say the least. I have been on the phone all morning. Then the next thing, we have a pack of wild dogs come up. Everybody goes running outside, one had a shotgun and of course, I was right behind them. I got fussed at for being out there with them. They asked me if I wanted to get stitches in the other arm. So I came back in the building. They are all still outside, double checking all the enclosures, one’s gone to track the dogs down, I swear! If they weren’t such wonderful people, I would lock the door, lol!

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot I took time and said the heck with it and answered some comments in the back. I wrote a book. You can read them over there in the right side of the blog if you want too. I decided I am going to be more personable if it kills me, lol! I love to talk to people, don’t get me wrong. I would spend all day talking to each of you if I could. But I know some people don’t come here to talk to me, they come here for information we put  out. But I have made a promise to myself and now to you, if you write me a comment, I am going to take time right then when I get to reply. No more day or two bullshit! I promise.

Now I guess I better get to work. I apologize again for being so late. I will try to improve on that also. I hope you have a super weekend.

Goddess Bless You & Yours,

Lady A

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7 thoughts on “Wishing You A Very Blessed & Happy Friday, Dear Friends!

  1. Yes we sure do! I appreciate your attention to energies and animals and such. Most people want to shroud themselves solely in a a cloud of white and be done, but I can not ignore this bigger picture; such as the right an animal has to defend itself and us as humans to do the same. Many activists would probably be upset that the animal was shot and killed, but we know the cycle of life and the honor in which he tried to get food for his pack and died for his own journey! Though I’m sure the fawn is very happy its journey is yet to meet the crossroads! Texas is open and wild, even in the city you can find cowboys on horses on the side of the highway on occasion. But it’s hot. Too hot. I am just not a summer person. Give me sweden and I’d be happy! I think it would be just wonderful to have a mother or father as a witch! There’s so much information that is, I think, innate in all of us, but, also, simply a lot to learn. Like oh I’ll never forget the lesson I learned of responsibility! After I did a spell to ease the work load at school, I literally became so lazy I didn’t finish a paper in time! It wasn’t like I chose to be lazy. Rather, my professor did in fact lighten the load and I would forget due dates and rush in a hurry getting things in! Oh yes, responsibility! I’m teaching my daughter as I go along too. She’s like you with animals so I can relate energy to the sensation of “mind talking” with animals. I think it’s amazing how everyone is different and has some way of experiencing and using energy. My husband doesn’t like to camp either and I had to pull him off the couch to go one dark moon. I was determined to be out that night! He hunts but doesn’t like camping. We lit a fire and neighbors across the river of our site had a drum session going on and I think he realized the power of night and nature. There was a moment of trance we all felt and could experience a deep connection with earth that felt akin to native tradition energy! We closed our eyes and listened! It was great. We’re going to the swamps for a week Saturday and I can not wait to touch the cypresses! Their wisdom is so immense!
    If you get bored you can check out my facebook.com/thelaltar I make pagan practical jewelry. You know haven’t you ever wanted to wear something cute that’s more than a pendant? I wanted to bring charged rosemary with me one day so, I make now a chamber series I put charged things in! And pendulums too and then stones for their own natural benefits. But, I’m so excited where people are headed. More open minded and creative in art and life!
    But I must say, of all the animals I least like are bears. Terrifying!


  2. I like to interact because information is more dynamic that way! So the dogs bit u? I feel bad for the wild pack. It’s their nature and I wish they could find a place to roam with out hurting people :/


    1. I love to talk to people as you can tell by the note I wrote you. I would rather talk than work, lol! I feel bad for the dogs too. This time of the year, the hunters are in the woods. This drives the coyotes and wild dogs out into the open fields and safe areas(such as ours). No, I didn’t get bit by a wild dog, I got bit by a coyote Tuesday night. It was getting dusk and I was finishing feeding the baby skunks. They are inside the building and I had the window open. Well I kept hearing coyotes in the distance. They kept getting closer and closer. It was a nasty evening, storming and all, so it got dark sooner than we expected. The coyotes came right up in the enclosure area. They were at our baby fawn’s enclosure trying like mad to get to her. I went flying out the door. Most of the time you can scream and holler at them and they will run. Not this bunch, we haven’t had any rain, so I figure they were thirsty and hungry. My husband had his rifle with him so he came out right behind me. He shot some right over their heads. I know he wounded one but I wasn’t concerned about that I was worried about the fawn. I unlocked the pen and when in. The fawn was in a corner, shaking and scared to death but she was fine. I didn’t pay any attention to the other corner but I should have. In that corner was a coyote that had actually dug under the fence and got in. I turned around and started walking toward that corner. I heard the growl and thought “oh, crap!” Oh, crap was right, there was that coyote and he lunged at me. I threw my left arm up and he bite me. My husband flew in the enclosure and shot him. So my arm was tore all to pieces, it was a mess. My husband and I got into an argument. He wanted to go to the hospital NOW! I told him to fix the hole and get some more brick and build the foundation up. He gave me his shirt, wrap my arm up and put his belt on my arm to stop the bleeding. He ran like a wild man filling in the hole and getting the bricks. Only if he would work that fast normally, lol! He rushed me to the hospital. They took x-rays nothing broken. So they started sewing my arm up. It took 28 stitches to sew it up. They wanted to know if the animal that bit me got away. I know it is sad the coyote got shot but if he hadn’t there was a good possibility I would have had to take rabies shots. The animal warden came by the next day. He made a report and picked the coyote up. The coyote will be sent to Louisville to check for rabies. I don’t believe it had rabies. When they are cornered like any other animal they will fight. I just happened to turn around and walk toward the wrong corner. I guess it is a good thing I walked toward him. I would have hated for him to jump me from behind. He would have gotten the back of my skull. I know a few people that have unknowingly cornered them and turned their back. The coyotes jumped all of them on the back and then bit them on the base of their skulls. Horrible! But that was what the comment was about me getting bit on the other arm. This is the first time, I have ever got bitten like this. I have never had a problem with the coyotes during dusk or wild dogs either. Most of the time they are more afraid of you than you are of them. But this one was cornered and he did what came naturally, bite and fight. Every time something comes up around the animals we keep, I run. I feel like a mother hen toward them. They are so helpless and so beautiful. I have fell in love with the baby skunks. My husband said, “No way in heck are we having a skunk for a pet!” I told him it hadn’t even crossed my mind and it hadn’t. I couldn’t keep one if I wanted to because of Razzy (she my pet Bob kitty). She would kill it the minute I turned my back.

      But that is what bit me, a coyote. Now you see how much I like to interact, lol! A book, I tell you, a book, lol! But I love talking to people. I just wish more people talked on here. I thought they would, but….maybe they think I bite, lol! I am going to run for now. I know I have talked your ear off. I hope you have a super Saturday and enjoy the weekend. You get a chance, give me a holler. I have enjoyed talking to you.


      1. Oh my goodness! Yes I’ve always hollered like a wild woman and they scattered but seems they wanted the fawn! And you know it is the cycle of life and it is in the coyotes nature to fight and eat and sometimes it gets them killed in nature not just by humans. Your husband defended his pack which to me is a very natural thing. My husband hunts and leaves offerings and he said if you return the bones of a wolf or coyote to its trail it honors the spirit of their pack as a type of energy peace treaty of sorts! I think it’s imperative that people don’t shy away from proper hunting cuz it represents the cycle of the goddess. That’s what my husband prays and leaves behind a seed or or asks goddess to plant the seed of new life in her womb at this time of death and bless the soul of the animal as it serves purpose for him. I think it’s sweet he does that because I would love to never have to kill anything! But I do recognize that blood is shed that a seed may fall to be impregnated into anew birth! I had once came upon a mother mountain lion and I was a breast feeding mother at the time and I think she knew it. We stared at each other with a “knowing of a mother” and she left me alone! Whew! The magick in the air of life and death is like a light switch and powerful. I believe we can embrace these energies with out having to die or be born again lol I’m glad you’re safe! I would have tried to pull a dig whisperer or something tsh tsh tsh! Lol probably wouldn’t work hahaha be blessed this full night I’m off to cleanse!


      2. I have the ability to charm animals. But I don’t think knocking him over the head would have deterred him from biting me. My husband doesn’t hunt. He just keeps the guns around here for my protection. He tells me I mess with too many wild animals. He fears one day, I am going to get ate up.

        Kiki and I were outside the other evening. I looked over at the edge of the field and there stood another bobcat. Kiki, of course, saw it too and she acted like she was a Rottweiler. She was going to eat that bobcat up. The bobcat wasn’t scared of her. He walked right out of the field onto the lawn. I took Kiki and put her in the house. Then I went back outside. The bobcat cautiously moved toward me on the porch. I stood still, bent down and extend my hand. He started walking up the porch and just laid down. I sit down beside him and started rubbing his belly and playing with him. I didn’t know it my husband looked at the door and liked to have died. The bobcat would take my hand and act like he was going to bite me. I wouldn’t pull my hand away and he justed nibbled and purred. I know one thing, as little as my wrist are, he could have bit one off if he wanted too. They have HUGE teeth, lol! Big CLAWS! Starting to sound like the Big Bad Wolf. Razzy has the teeth but when I had her fixed, I also had her declawed. I had a good idea what hers would look like and I am glad I did. If I hadn’t, she would have shredded everything in the house. Good Grief!

        OK, enough about me. Where on earth do you live? Mountain lions? I wouldn’t trust one of them as far as I could throw one. You are darn lucky you didn’t get jumped. I hear on the news all the time about mountain lions dragging people off in the woods and eating them. For goodness sake, be careful. You did the right thing by standing still and looking her in the eye. I know some animals they say don’t look in the eyes. But I have found you can do that with the cat family. I don’t know about lions(like in Africa) and I really don’t believe I would want to find out either, lol! But seriously, where are you at? What other can of critters you got around there?


      3. You remind me of my daughter. She had an situation like that with a doe. Thought they didn’t touch, the doe came far to close than naturally comfortable for them and my girl and the doe where like she says “mind talking”. I do know my kid is telepathic as she’s pulled thoughts from my head when I didn’t want her to or answered an unspoken question! She said the animals talk to her and they told her that she’s one of them! I think some people just have that energy like y’all do! I live in Fort Worth Texas. And there is a lot of drilling happening sending the mountain lions and others out. We have bob cats and coyotes too but nothing more because its too city. We like to hiking and camp a lot so other than that one time most of our meetings are when we’re out and about. There were kids in a pool near by when the lioness came out but couldn’t get past the iron gate. Thank goodness! It was all so surreal, fast and scary afterwards. I think if could coddle a bobcat I would definitly want to pull out my iPhone for a snap shot! And the thought of your husband seeing that! lol wow. I can only imagine having that emotional, mental or astral connection to something living like that! Well, I do talk to trees and believe they talk too and they’re living! I had a tree warn me of danger once, and I ran inside only to find out the was a break in next door! I’ll never forget. All was still, then the one tree, an ash, stirred up a warning and off I went! Even though I’ve only been practicing a year or so now, I’ve had these manifestations of connections through out my life! We moved to a suburb on the brink of country side and I take my pitty out to romp in the lavendar and wild flowers. We like to find treasures out there, it’s a blast but now I’m thinking I probably should be a little more careful since I know there a pack over the hill! Hm.


      4. We must be kindred spirits, that’s all I can say. Charming the animals, I don’t know how it happens. It just does. We ride our four wheelers a lot. We can be out riding and run across an animal that is hurt or scared. It will be wild, of course. Then I can get off the four wheeler and start walking toward it. The animal will calm down and if I put my hand out, it will come to me. I have had this ability since I was little. That is why around here, when we get a mean or nasty critter in, I am the first one to see it. Truthfully, those critters, I am the only one that can get close to them. Texas, good grief. I would imagine there is a lot of drilling going on down there. But I bet it is beautiful down there. I love to go camping and hiking but I can’t get my hubby out to do any. He told me if I wanted to go camping, “pitch a tent in the backyard.” He sees no reason to go off in the woods somewhere and go camping. He insists we live in the boonies and that ought to be good enough for me and my camping urges. He don’t understand, going camping you get away from the house and explore a place that is new to you. I guess I am going to have to beat that into his thick skull, hmm. My mother and father were big camping nuts. Every time they had a chance to get away, we would go camping. There were times when momma wanted to go camping and daddy wasn’t home (He was a river boat captain, worked 30 days on, 30 off). She would pack me and her up and off we would go camping on our own. She was a witch also and loved nature. I remember all those times and it make my heart ache for them. You don’t realize how good you had it till it is gone. But on to more happier thoughts, I can’t imagine having mountain lions just wandering around all over the place. That close to the pool, that is a scary thought. But that is what happens when we move into their territory. I know out here, that is why we have all the critters running across the yards and everything. We have moved into their territory. Then unfortunately like the other night, they have to be shot. My husband was scared to death. He told me he thought his worse fear was coming true (me getting ate up). He ought to know I am not going to let an animal eat me up, if I can help it anyway. Seriously though, we do have a lot in common, you know it?


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