Wishing You & Yours A Very Blessed Saturday!


The snake is uncoiling
Hissing can be heard.
Something has penetrated
The soul of the bird
The energy rises
Up through the bones
The bird remembers
The time of the crone
The centres are whirling
The colours are bright
Making their way
Up to the light
Aware of the world
Layer on layer
The snake becomes
The deadly slayer
Bright light is blinding
There is a fire
The bird emerges
From the flames of the pyre
Death has come
And gone past
The seed has grown
Above ground at last
And so it begins
At the end
The wheel has turned
Once again my friend

 by Cerris

Pagan Poetry

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2 thoughts on “Wishing You & Yours A Very Blessed Saturday!

  1. I know this has nothing to do what you are writing,this is coming from left field.I take my cell phone(I use the light to see my way to my bedroom every night.) The house gets very dark so I go to sleep and the next morning my husband wakes me up and says wheres the cell phone,I told him its in the end table (next to me) And tells me its not there,I see its not there,I look around and its not there.You would not believe where it was under my pillows.I have not got any clues how,when,where and why my cell phone was under my pillows.My husband says I put the phone under my pillows,I told him I did not,plus I would remember but I did’n’t this so strange.And it happen yesterday morning.


    1. Perhaps you have fairies playing around in your room. Or you could have a playful entity playing tricks on you. At least one thing, they aren’t running off with it, lol! I know it ain’t funny. I have had stuff like that happen around here. But they always take my stuff and run off with it. I have a little saying and when I say it, my stuff just happens to reappear were I am going to walk. Funny, my keys are hanging “always” in the kitchen. But they have a way of appearing in the bathroom. I have a houseful of playful entities. I haven’t run them off because they drive my husband crazy. And my husband drives me crazy most of the time. So I think it is sort of funny to see the situation reversed. Something driving him crazy instead of him driving me crazy. Is that mean or what?


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