Elemental Energies in Magick – Fire

Elemental Energies in Magick – Fire

Symbolizes and controls the forces of fast kinetic energy (as opposed to the slow dormant energy of Earth) that activates quickly and with    little control over itself. Fire Elementals are best invoked to create fast or intense change that requires great (though not necessarily long lasting)    energy. For example, Fire is the best element to invoke for protection, purification and defense. These actions usually need high energy to be set in    motion, but once they are present they do not require additional energy to maintain themselves. Many colors can represent the element of Fire, but the    colors red, orange and yellow are the most common. Use what feels the most right for you. Spirit Magick though spirit calling, invocation, necromancy and    sorcery is especially successful when performed under the supervision and assistance of Fire Elementals or Salamanders ruled by the spirit of the South    Wind, Ariel.


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