Lighten Up – Top 10 Reasons Why Athame Handles are Black

10. So they’ll go with any color of robe.

9. So you can cover up nicks & scratches with shoe polish.

8. It’s slimming (can’t have fat athames, can we?)

7. It doesn’t show dirt.

6. Because finding a dropped athame in an outdoor ritual in the dark is a test of loyalty to your faith.

5. It’s so much more dignified than chartreuse.

4. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

3. Someone spilled all the paints together and that’s what ended up.

2. No, no! Black is for winter rituals–use white before Labor Day!

And the #1 reason athames handles are black….

1. So that we’d have something to argue about other than how “athame” is pronounced!


Daily Feng Shui Tip of the Day for June 14 – ‘Flag Day’

On ‘Flag Day’ I’d like to share information that can conceivably change your life for the better. ‘The Six True Color Light Flags’ is a Feng Shui cure that draws power from the ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ Buddhist mantra and promises healing, transformation and extraordinary spiritual growth. This cure also helps clear negative energies and emotions that will be replaced by benefits and blessings. So let’s see exactly how to craft these flags. Each of the mantra’s six syllables corresponds to a specific hue called ‘The Six True Colors.’ Start by creating one flag for each of the colors associated with the six sacred syllables. The flags can be made from fabric, paper or plastic. Just be sure to make each flag square and a solid color — white for Om, red for Ma, yellow for Ni, green for Pad, blue for Me and black for Hum. These flags should all be approximately the same size, and that size is up to you. Write the corresponding syllable on each of the associated colored flags. Tthen bless your flags by reciting each of the syllables separately while blowing a big breath into the flags. As you blow, imagine the power of the mantra permeating the flag and the energies of the specific colors filling heaven and earth. Bless each flag separately before grouping them together. You can then place them in the Wealth area of your main floor in order to attract all that promised abundance. Positioning them so they are visible as you enter the front door will welcome prosperity to your life. They can also be stationed in the Wealth area of your bedroom, office, yard or on the top of your desk. Raise these flags and raise your hopes for the abundant health, happiness and prosperity on the way to you right now.

By Ellen Whitehurst for