Daily Feng Shui Tip for May 30 – “Water a Flower Day”

It’s ironic that today would be ‘Water a Flower Day’ since everybody knows that April showers bring May flowers. The floral most associated with this month is the regal magnolia, a tree native to the southern United States. It’s generally acknowledged that spring doesn’t begin until the magnolias bloom, and that splendid beauty and dignity accompanies every opening bud. This flower has long symbolized beauty, perseverance and nobility. Feng Shui has always believed that the white magnolia represents purity, and that a single magnolia tree planted in the front of the house will bring pure contentment and joy. A magnolia tree grown in the back garden is said to symbolize hidden jewels or the gradual accumulation of wealth. But the single greatest Feng Shui cure for using this beautiful flower is to bring a mate or partner who will also bring love everlasting. Placing a pair of magnolia flowers in the Romance area of the main floor or bedroom is believed to attract a mate for life, and a union that will forever bloom and grow. There’s hope worth watering!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com


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