Your Daily Love & Romance Horoscopes for May 26th


After so much focus on your relationship and especially on working to ensure that the communication lines are open, it’s the Moon that offers some light relief today and the timing is spot on. It’s the Moon’s return to your romantic sector today that sets the scene for a romantically charged weekend, especially if you listen to and follow your heart.


While the second half of 2012 is destined to become more relationship focused, the spirit of romance will never entirely die down, especially if you’re willing to engage your romantic passions now. There is a call for a more fearless approach to love, refusing to hold back out of fear of failure.


Don’t be surprised or alarmed by any relationship pressure today, but don’t ignore it either. It’s today that the Sun reaches a point where he’s challenging your relationship intentions and providing some timely reality checks and wake up calls. Refuse to sweat the small stuff or to stick your head in the sand.


Because Venus, planet of love has put her return to your sign on hold, not returning until August, this has given you more time to both make peace with old ghosts and to prepare for some major romantic developments in the second half of the year. One of the key areas of preparing is working on your sense of confidence, which is more important than you realise.


Chances are the pressure and doubts you may have been feeling earlier in the week will return today, a little sharper but also in a way that is more transparent. This gives you a chance to look behind what’s pushing any buttons, creating any doubts or roadblocks and establish why, aware that you can’t change what you can’t see.


You’re in the early days of a massive professional resurgence and you have already passed what you would normally expect, with even more on the way. Already you need to be protecting your personal life, doing what you can to address any work/life balance issues and to create the right boundaries and priorities.


Normally Venus, planet of love will spend just under 4 weeks in an adventurous part of your chart, creating both a desire and an opportunity to move out of a romantic rut. This year Venus is here for 4 months and she’s not taking no for an answer, even opening the door to second chances and an opportunity to make up for lost time.


Over the course of the last 5 days the Sun, Moon and Mercury have all left your relationship sector and the love gods have put all their cards on the table. Even the Moon won’t return to your relationship sector before Jupiter leaves, but with luck still on your side it’s up to you now to invest everything you can into creating something sustainable.


While you have Venus, planet of love in retrograde motion in your relationship sector and therefore focused on the past and the Sun and Mercury in direct motion and therefore focused on the future, they’re more united than this might seem. For they are in fact all moving towards each other, giving you a sense that something special is coming together.


As the Moon leaves your relationship sector he wouldn’t be doing his job if this didn’t push some buttons, yet over the last few days this has provided the wake up calls needed to ensure you’re not asleep at the wheel. With new doors due to open on the relationship front in just 9 days time, pay attention to all wake up calls, not just those you want to hear.


As the Moon returns for his monthly visit to your relationship sector he’s met by a wall of overwhelming romantic forces, which he has to fit around. While this will shift some of your focus to your relationships the forces now at work on the romantic front are just too strong, giving you a chance to inject more romance into your relationships.


As the Moon wraps up his last visit to your romantic sector in just 13 days time, he’ll be leaving you wanting more, which is what will keep you awake and alert. With the most active romantic months of the year less than 2 weeks away you can’t afford to be asleep at the wheel, with a chance also to deal with any work life balance issues.