One part sandalwood oil
One part patchouli oil
One part clove bud oil
One part frankincense oil
One part nutmeg oil
You will also need a green candle, parchment, a pen and dragon’s blood ink.
You may also use a green or gold ink pen.
On the waxing or full moon, fold all the herbs into the cloth and tie a ribbon around it and place it on your altar.
Combine the oils together and place the bottle on your altar.
On the parchment draw the symbol for Jupiter, a money symbol (like a dollar sign or the
symbol for the pound or a rune for prosperity). Also make a general list of all the things
you’d like to gain from your new job. Take the green candle and with a pen, tack or crystal,
carve the word “Prosperity” into the wax. Anoint the candle with some of the oil and allow it
to burn out. Wear the remainder of the oil as a perfume, add it to a bath or put a drop or two
on your application or resume. Sleep with the sachet under your pillow for at least a week.
You should see results in 1-3 months.

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