Your Daily Love & Romance Horoscopes for Wed., May 23rd


Let’s face it, you have already experienced more than your fair share of relationship challenges and pressures, not only over recent months but on and off over the last few years. But you really have turned a corner and where before there were roadblocks there is now nothing but support. Use the past to empower you, while the door is still open to second chances.


With the second half of 2012 destined to become a lot more relationship focused, work now to ensure that the communication lines are open. It’s a growing sense of romantic confidence and a return of your romantic passions that is giving you the courage to speak out, letting others in.


Venus, planet of love will remain in retrograde motion in your sign until later next month, due to turn direct just 3 days after Saturn turns direct in your romantic sector. Until then the door to the past and to second chances is open, while in every other aspect of your life the focus is on the future and all that it holds.


The Moon is wrapping up his last visit to your communication sector before a very rare Venus eclipse here in just 2 weeks time, giving you an intuitive read on the romantic nostalgia in the air. With the past already coming alive this gives you a chance to get up close and personal with old ghosts, recognising where you need to let go.


While you have no planetary activity in your romantic sector you are not on your own, with the North Node creating a natural current that is drawing you towards the future and your full romantic potential. This makes it important to keep your romantic focus on the future and the road ahead, for that’s where the opportunities lie.


It was just a week ago today that the last opposition played out between forces on the personal and relationship fronts, giving you a chance to get things out in the open. Since then things have eased back on the relationship front and your personal passions and confidence have bounced back, with a need to hold onto the lessons of the last few months.


It was 2 weeks ago to the day that Mercury, planet of communication left your relationship sector, wrapping up the most active and defining but also the most challenging relationship months of the year. Chances are you won’t be tested this way again for several years, making it important to hold onto the lessons learned and the communication lines this opened.


As Mercury, planet of communication spends his last full day in your relationship sector he knows it will be another 12 years before he’ll meet up with lucky Jupiter here again, giving you the confidence to put your heart on your sleeve and everything on the line. With luck on your side and the communication lines open, what have you got to lose?


It was the Moon’s return to your relationship sector just hours behind the Sun that formed the unexpected solar eclipse 2 days ago, but as he wraps up his visit he not only knows he’ll return next month for a second New Moon, but that a lot will change between now and then. This makes it important to listen to your instincts, but also keep an open mind and heart.


While Mercury, planet of communication visits your romantic sector once a year, giving you a chance to give your heart a voice and put heart and mind on the same page, it’s been 12 years since he’s teamed up with lucky Jupiter and it will be another 12 years before he does again. This makes his last full day here even more important, with giving your heart a voice a must.


It was the Moon’s return to your romantic sector 2 days ago and alignment with the Sun that created the solar eclipse that both opened new doors and created a real tailwind. But this is also the Moon’s first visit to your romantic sector since Venus turned retrograde here, giving you an intuitive read on the old doors that opened just a week ago to the day.


It was a week ago to the day that Mars, planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos faced his final battle and his final opposition, but already things have moved on considerably. Not due to leave your relationship sector until early July, Mars’ passions and fighting spirit can now go into bringing your relationships up to speed.