Daily Love & Romance Horoscopes for May 22nd


With not much support on the communication front and that support actively working to enhance second chances on the relationship front, you almost can’t fail. So long as you’re willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that the communication lines are open and that you’re listening as well as talking, things will take on a life of their own.


Mars, planet of passion passed his final roadblock last week and with any pressures and challenges behind you a new sense of confidence is emerging. With Mars not leaving your romantic sector until early July you have plenty of time to make up for lost time and to let your romantic passions take the lead.


The first full day of your new solar year, one that even in its early hours looks anything but an ordinary run around the block, is also the last full day of an alliance between Venus, planet of love in your sign and Saturn, in retrograde motion in your romantic sector. With the door now open to your future, but your romantic focus on the past, you’re able to see both with equal clarity.


Having the Sun in a nostalgic part of your chart has been a game changer, with the cosmic spotlight now directed onto the road behind. With Venus, planet of love in retrograde motion here and Pluto in retrograde motion in your relationship sector, they’re no longer operating in the dark, making any potential second chances easier to spot.


With no planetary activity in either of your romantic or relationship sectors, overwhelming professional forces haven’t met much resistance. But if the scales have been balanced too far towards your professional life they have already begun to shift, with both new doors and the door to second chances now open in a social and serendipitous part of your chart.


Since returning to your relationship sector in February Neptune, planet of dreams and fantasies has been standing back as personal and relationship challenges played out, all the while bringing a sense that anything was possible. Due to turn retrograde in just 2 weeks time, Neptune gives you a chance to slow down and engage your imagination.


As Venus, planet of love spends her first full week in retrograde motion in an adventurous part of your chart, she has support on all sides. With the Sun spending his first full day here as well, life as a whole is taking on more colourful dynamics. With the seriousness of recent months behind you, it’s time to have some fun.


With the Sun already gone from your relationship sector, Mercury leaving in just 2 days time and even Jupiter in just 3 weeks time, you’re now in the end game, where it’s all about putting your relationships on the path you want them to continue on. While your relationships are still a priority they won’t be for much longer, so getting things on track is essential.


Where yesterday’s solar eclipse in your relationship sector and the new doors this opened may have taken you by surprise, you have a chance today to adjust. One of the biggest adjustments is how to focus this with Venus, planet of love’s first full week in retrograde motion in your relationship sector and the doors to second chances this has opened.


With the Sun and Moon gone from your romantic sector, Mercury leaving in 2 days time and Jupiter in just 3 weeks time, a journey that began in June 2011 is coming to an end. That journey is to bring your romantic expectations and experiences up to speed and your love life on the track you want it to continue on, with a new sense of urgency setting in.


At the same time that yesterday’s solar eclipse in your romantic sector has opened the door to new beginnings, with Venus spending her first full week in retrograde motion here the door is also open to second chances. You have so much romantic clout and for so long that you don’t have to pick and choose which to go after, with anything possible.


You’re now in the final weeks of a major mission to bring your communications up to speed, something that your relationships will rely on moving forward, with a need to make every effort you can now to ensure that the communication lines are open. You’ve come too far to be tripped up now by unsaid words.


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