Calendar of the Sun for May 15th

Calendar of the Sun
15 Thrimilchimonath

Huldra’s Blot

Colors: White and blue
Element: Air
Altar: Upon cloth of white and blue set twelve white candles, one sky-blue candle, a great jug of mead, and a cow’s horn. Throughout the next four days, the altar stays the same, and one more candle is lit. On this day, light the blue candle and eight white candles.
Offering: Hard work, inside and outside, throughout the day until sleeping. Do things correctly.
Daily Meal: Bread with cheese, meat, or jam, packed and eaten during work.

Invocation to Frigga’s Handmaidens

Call: Twelve maidens hold the halls of Asgard!
Response: Twelve virgins hold the pillars of heaven!
Call: Twelve mysteries hold the luck of Asgard!
Response: Twelve virtues hold the Law of heaven!
Call: Twelve words of power resound through Asgard!
Response: Twelve stars light up the dome of heaven!
Call: We call upon the power of Virtue!
Response: We call upon the mysteries of heaven!

Invocation to Huldra

Hail, Maiden of Industry!
As the shovel goes into the earth,
As the hoe goes into the soil,
As the seed goes into the garden,
As the grain goes into the field,
As the water is carried from the well,
As the home is cleaned and purified,
As the thread is woven on the loom,
So you teach us that nothing comes
Without great labor and terrible work.
For industry is more than merely toil,
It is the means by which the world is changed.

Cloth of honor from the thread of truth
Weave your heart into all you offer

(A libation of mead is poured out for Huldra, and the jug replaced for the next day’s ritual. The entire community will take on hard labor today, from after breakfast to Hesperis, to practice the virtue of Industry.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]