Daily Cosmic Calendar for Tuesday, May 8th

This is a good point in the calendar to remind you that solar and planetary alignments don’t just disappear off the astro-psychic radar screen a day after they occur. Therefore, last night’s Jupiter-Uranus and Mars-Uranus high jinx remain a threat to everyone’s decorum and well-being today. Their potentially mischievous vibrations are somewhat diminished, but still reverberating a little below the threshold of consciousness. Fortunately, we don’t have giant-sized replacements to take their place until tomorrow when four fairly major alignments reach exactitude. For the most part, you can indulge in favorite arts, crafts, hobbies and pastimes during much of today under fiery and enthusiastic Sagittarius Moon. Communication channels are reasonably clear in the hours building up to the Moon making a flowing trine of 120-degrees to Mercury (6:35PM PDT). Once this exactly occurs, the lunar orb is void, but only for 26 minutes until 7:01PM PDT when the Moon enters industrious, hardworking Capricorn. This is a signal to be more focused on fulfilling career ambitions and energizing professional plans during the next two days. Assisting your efforts in this regard is Mercury entering earthy, persistent Taurus (10:16PM PDT) until May 24. If you are feeling a strange sense of buoyancy and even euphoria overnight, chalk it up to the approach of the mind-expanding Sun parallel Jupiter (forming precisely at 5:39AM PDT tomorrow morning).


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