Ten-Minute Makeover (Seed Moon)

Ten-Minute Makeover

(Seed Moon)

This spell only take ten minutes to do, but its effects can be felt all the time. The idea is to bring out the best in you.

For this spell, you will need a full-length mirror and your journal.

Dream as you normally would, then stand in front of the mirror. Start to make an objective evaluation of how you appear in the mirror. If you saw yourself for the first time walking down the street, what would you think? Your hair? Your face? Your smile? Your body? Your clothes? How do they all look, both separately and as a whole? The more objective you are in your evaluation, the better the makeover will work for you.

Spend about five minutes looking yourself over before opening to a blank page in your journal and writing down some of your observations of what you saw in the mirror. Now on a separate page write down what qualities you would like to see in the mirror and some of the ways you can make them happen.

The idea is to take ten minutes in the evening in order to work on the “new you.” Take time to look in the mirror, write down any observations you have, and reaffirm your focus and determination. Put up pictures and sayings that give you encouragement and help you feel good about yourself. Each might as you go to sleep, repeat this affirmation:

Every day and every night
I am becoming who I want to be.