Witchcraft 101: Magick and Intent

Instruction in WitchCraft varies from person to person, and individual to individual. I’ve yet to see any one path follow exactly the same course, so these lessons being presented here are simply a wide spot in the road, only guaranteed to clear a view to other vistas and help you on your way.

Lesson one covered the basics of what WitchCraft is and what it is not. In it, we covered the experiences and motivations of being a witch. However, I did not place a challenge before you like the one I plan to do here.

True, I asked you to consider the WHY of being a Witch, especially in your own case, but now I’m going to cover a section of the Craft that covers your personal power, and how you can use it for personal gain and to acknowledge the real and very potent forces that comprise Magick itself.

No… I am not going to discuss the art of casting spells with all manner of strange oils, brews, unusual objects, or even the occasional magickal object that is used to cast power. Instead, we are going to talk about the most powerful weapon in the Witch’s inventory.

This weapon beats out the entire lot of objects and forces that one associates with WitchCraft and Magick in general.

This force is INTENT.

Intent is the power of focusing on a desire, goal, or wish, with the express purpose of bringing that desire about. Intent plays to forces beyond and in the mundane that see to it that what you want, you will indeed get.

Mind you, this is no simple matter. The subject is fraught with difficulties and all manner of traps that can hang you up and cause all sorts of problems, should you misconstrue or mis-use the power.

Yes… this “intent” is power itself. With it, people have leveled civiliziations, and they have created art, gardens, and pleasant lives. It all depends on the motivation behind the person,.

Intent is expressed through NEED. Need is expressed through forceful emotion and powerful desires, and through these components of Magick, one can direct and influence events through the simple use of force of mind. True, magicakl props like wands, capes, and certain helpful herbs and materials do help things along, but the old saying that “The Witch IS the Magick” is quite true.

You are the Magick!

How does this principle work then?

After 14 years in the Craft, I really can only make a supposition, but mine is an informed supposition, because of my years in science and around scientists and very talented metaphysicians.

Our universe is a manifestation of quantum forces that are influenced by the fact that we are here to observe events. What this means is that without observers, for all intensive purposes, the universe might exist, but it’s purpose cannot be appreciated or find useful expression.

In scientific experiments, it has been found that the intent or concentration of a person on light beams (in a highly controlled and measured laboratory) affected the behavior of the beams. Strange effects like this prove that intent and thought itself have powerful and practically unlimited power to influence events.

Einstein called some of these forces “Spooky action at a distance”. He was referring to the behavior of photons of light that could never have communicated with one another, but somehow could affect each other in spite of huge distances and great efforts expended to prove that the experiments where wrong!

In real English, what I am telling you is that this universe of ours is one weird place, and that our minds and passions can exert influence over time, space, and matter.

Thus, Magick is the power of the mind to influence the course of events.

So much is made of visualization and projection of the mind in magickal rites, but little is said as to the underlying mechanisms that drive Magick. While my somewhat brief explanation does not clearly define the exact nature of the mechanism, it does make it clear that Magick IS indeed influencing physical systems, and that the mind itself has quantum properties that allow us the luxury of bending the universe to our needs, if one has sufficient intent and force of will.

Thus, we move into the area of ethics.

Yes, you can wish for and project for anything, but the question is tied to one nagging little issue; NEED.

Need is tied to what you really need in your heart of hearts, and what can legitimately be requested or asked for. It has little to do with the fact that I would love to materialize a broom with flying capabilities, like a Nimbus 2000.

Need is tied to things like deciding to get a degree and then projecting to the universe for help in getting there. I did so in my late bid in life to get my BSIT and lo and behold, my company suddenly volunteered to pay for the entire cost of my education.

Of course, I had done projection work, and my passion to change my life was a big part of this sudden desire to move the forces of the world to propel me in a new direction.

There is one little snag in all of this. And you who have known me well for many years on this web know that I sometimes disappear now and again. I can honestly say that my experience of Magick is that for every gain and change of direction, I have had to drop something else, in order to propel the ship of my life in that direction.

Thus, I dropped a lot of personal things to make the education happen. For me, Coven life and other key aspects of my world have had to take a back-seat to my development of my mind and growth.

To get something, you have to give. This is true in economics, and is sure as hell is true in Magick. If you hear someone telling you different, they haven’t cone to realize this great truth yet.

Again: To get something your heart desires, you MUST give up something else, in order to propel forward. What that something is cannot be easily stated, but you will need to carefully consider where it is you intend to sail your Magick, and what you are prepared to give to get there.

In my case, I gave up time and companionship for a short time, but the return has been well worth the short expenditure.

So… some of you are now realizing that Magick is really just transformation of time, energy, and intent. All of it guided to an end goal that is dictated by the principle of giving up or discharging something else.

Giving up something in your life, to get ahead is natural, positive, and even fun. All of us have areas of our lives that can stand for us to get rid of one area that holds us back. Using this gift of release, we can channel the benefits of this giving towards other goals, and in our personal Magick and power.

In smaller workings, where visualization is needed for a healing, or to alter the outcome of a dispute, or to wish for some windfall in your life, you can give of your time, or even of your heart, and thus you pay the toll for the Magick you exert.