Witchcraft 101: First Moon

First Moon

This first assignment starts at the first full moon. You need to research the Craft… Read as many books and talk to as many of the more experienced practitioners as you can. Learn from these people.

Listen to them speak and trust your inner leadings and filters as you hear what they have to tell you. Some advice and information will resonate with you… some will not. This is part of the process, and just keeps you true to yourself… You are on a mission to learn who and what you really are!

Find one special person of the magickal variety with whom you can work, whose energy makes you comfortable, and who challenges your thinking as you progress in your understanding and growth. This person will be a mentor, friend, and teacher who will provide the benefit of experience and tolerance that should help you to advance. During this month, take time several hours a week or so to spend time in nature. It can be simple walks, or grand and glorious hikes into the outdoors. It can be fishing or camping, or just looking at plants in a park. Whatever you choose to do, just remain faithful in doing it.

Take a journal and record your thoughts and feelings as you connect with the universe around you… Keep those notes as part of your initial experiences… it is wise to be able to look back at what you were like, all those years later when you have been practicing, and it does bring a smile to see where you were and where you are now.

On the evening of the next full moon after you have spent all this time researching, talking, and spending time immersed in the Craft… Stop and ask yourself this simple question:

“Why do I want to be a Witch?”

This is a powerful question… Be honest with yourself, and then decide for yourself if you want to go on to the next stage of the process.

If you have been honest with yourself… your path, feelings, and direction will be clear. Trust your inner bell and guides… These serve as guideposts to help point the way.

I still do this in moments of trying times… I ask myself why I still am a Witch. To this day, it still rings true to my soul with a clarity that I am still amazed at… What is the reason? I am A Witch because I love the mystery and process of life, and because this spiritual system connects me, grounds me, and heals me like no other can. As a Witch, I feel complete and powerful in my own spirit and knowledge of who I am as a person.

You will come to your own definition of this in your first month of exploration. Each month, another question will surface for exploration and discussion.

Be sure to record those questions in your journal or book of shadows. At your initiation, you will want to read from each month, and discuss with your mentor or guiding teacher or witch what it is you have learned, and how best to apply it as you create your unique identity as a Witch.