Jewels Of The Moon

Jewels Of The Moon

The primary jewel of the Moon is chalcedony. Chosen by medieval metaphysicians as birthstone for the zodiacal sign of Cancer, the chalcedony is a translucent quartz varying in color from milky white to pale blue gray or warm fawn. An age-old occult use for the gem was to cheer melancholy spirits. Talismans carved from chalcedony were thought to counteract the dispiriting influences of the planet Saturn. The Romans wore the stone as protection against the ravages of the evil eye. Its wax like luster calls to mind an image of the Moon, and many Gnostic amulets of chalcedony were engraved with the Moon’s symbol. Seamen from all quarters of the Mediterranean cherished the gem as a protection from drowning. European folk medicine claimed the touch of the chalcedony upon the brow reduced fever, brought tranquility to a troubled mind and speeded recovery.

Other treasures of the earth and the sea with strong lunar associations are amber, aquamarine, beryl, coral, moonstone, pearl, rock-crystal, and selenite.
Elizabeth Pepper, The Witches’ Almanac, Ltd