Crone’s Corner – Waking a Sleepy Resolution

Crone’s CornerWaking a Sleepy Resolution

Make a sleepy New Year’s resolution by rewording the intent and redirecting the energy toward the goal of your resolution.
With this reworded resolution in mind, light a red candle. Focus on your goal and the steps that will get you from point
A to point B. Visualize yourself completing the steps and your goal in the present tense. Repeat these or similar words:

This is my inspiration,
Aries’ Moon is my motivation.
The path to my goal has now begun.
As my will, this will be done!

After you have released the energy, you may extinguish the candle. On the next morning, relight your candle and focus
on your daily goal each day until the next Full Moon.
By: Karen Follett

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