Raising, Directing and Releasing Energy in Ritual and Spell Work

Raising, Directing and Releasing Energy in Ritual and Spell Work

Author: Seleya
One of the most important aspects of both ritual and spell work is the raising, directing and releasing of energy. While most understand the concepts, the reality is something altogether different. Since no two people are the same, and no two people resonate with the same methods of raising, directing and releasing energy, it is important to understand the nature of these three functions of energy usage.

While it’s simple to say: “…here is where we raise the energy, direct it and than release it…” it’s quite another thing to actually accomplish those three little things. Some say dance, sing, chant, drum, etc., but what are we actually doing while we dance, sing, chant, drum, etc.? Does the dancing, singing, chanting, drumming themselves matter? The answer is no! What matters is the energy raised when these actions are performed by the person or people involved.

So how do we raise, direct and release energy? By using any method we are comfortable with that will help us to focus our minds, focus our intent, focus the energy in us, around us in our immediate environment, in the Earth, the Sun and the Universe; to bring the energy to us, and into our circles, to accomplish the desired purpose.

Many people are in such a hurry, they omit the “grounding” part, that should always be at the very beginning or any work, be it ritual, ceremony or spell. First, this helps to connect us to the energy in ourselves, our environment and the Earth, Sun and Universe, than that connection “grounds” us, by helping us to shift our attention, our focus and our consciousness to an altered state (i.e.: from the mundane to the sacred or higher consciousness) . It is from this “altered” state that we raise, direct, and release energy, by setting aside all thoughts and focus on our daily lives and moving into an altered state.

Without the shift in consciousness, it’s just dancing, singing, chanting, or drumming… all mundane experiences, in and of themselves. The “magic” starts with the mind shifting to an altered state, where it can focus on actually raising, directing and releasing energy.

By “raising” energy, we are increasing the level of energy within not only ourselves but within the circle we have cast. As the energy begins to increase, we focus and concentrate it or condense it, until it is nearly palpable. It doesn’t matter what “method” we use to raise the energy, only that that form resonates with our psychic, our bodies, or emotions and our spirits. We have to reach out to the energy we are attempting to raise, with our hearts, minds, souls and spirits; we have to become one with it. Once that connection has been established, we can than move on to “directing”.

The directing of energy is the beginning of actually “using” the energy raised. It’s the part where we take the focused and condensed energy, and “point” it at and “direct” it into the work at hand; be it ritual, healing or spell. The raised energy must be sent into that which we desire to become reality. Without this step the energy will simply dissipate, and eventually drain into the Earth; any residual, left over energy will make us feel edgy, nervous, agitated or nauseous.

The most important part is the “releasing” part. We have to release the raised energy into the working; we can’t “hold” onto it, or the working will fail for a lack of energy. However, this last step is the most difficult to accomplish. Because we have connected with the energy we have raised, in the process of raising it; it is natural to “hang on” and stay connected to it. In order to “release” it we must sever that connection and re-shift our consciousness back into a mundane state. We have to move our consciousness away from the “work” and focus on something mundane, like the “cakes and ale”.

Now comes the hardest part of all. Just saying, “I am releasing the energy”, during the ritual or spell, is not enough. We have to actually and COMPLETELY release all the energy, all focus, thought and worry or anticipation about the “working”. If we hang onto to any part of it, we are maintaining our connection to the energy, and will drain it away from our work. We cannot think about, worry about or “wonder” when the ”work” will come to fruition. We have to “know” that by fully releasing all energy, all thought, all connection to the work, it has already become reality, even if we have not yet experienced it.

There is no magic wand like in the Harry Potter novels; the “work” or “magic” has to be allowed to function along natural lines in accordance with the Universal Laws of physics. We will not wake up in the morning miraculously thin, rich, etc. Everything in its due course. If the energy has been properly raised, directed and released, then the work is already done. It has already come about, whether we can see it at the moment or not. It’s out there, and on its way to us in what ever form we need or that the Gods determine.

The more we want something, need something; the more difficult it will be to do the last part – the releasing. In the mid 80’s, I attended several “spoon bending” workshops conducted by a physicist named Jack Hoak. He and a Metallurgist friend were working for the Pentagon at the time, conducting experiments on using the mind to bend metal (with a war application, of course) . In the workshops we learned to bend silver spoons, forks and knives with the power of our minds. And yes, it does work!

The children did if first and the rest followed quickly. The trick? Release.

It was during these workshops that I really learned to understand the concept of “release”. It was easy to concentrate on the spoon bending, but quite another thing to remove all focus from the spoon so it could actually “bend”. My first spoon bent, when the person next to me squealed with delight as their spoon bent, the moment my attention was completely drawn away from my own spoon, it bent. I had released the energy I was mentally focusing and directing at the spoon “to bend”, and then it did.

While it seemed to work best when there are many people present (easily raising the energy?) , it has yet to work for me when I am alone. Partly because of my own belief that it will only work with others present, and partly because there is nothing to distract me into releasing my energy. Practice – I need more practice.

It all takes practice. Be patient, it’s helpful to start out with the little things and work up to the bigger things. We must believe to see, not the other way around.

As with everything – practice, practice, practice.


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