A Broom Blessing

Your broom is not merely your broom, it is your magickal broom. As it sweeps your floors clean of physical debris, it sweeps your home clean of negative energy and energetic debris, which lifts the vibrations and clears the way for positive feelings and conditions. Performing this blessing ritual on your broom (and/or vacuum which is merely a modernized version of a broom) will fully activate in magickal power and consecrate it for you magickal purposes.

What you will need:

  • A white sheet or towel
  • 1/4 cup salt
  • One stick Frankincense incense
  • One white or off-white candle
  • A mister of rose water

On the day or evening of the Full Moon, assemble the items and lay your broom flat on the white sheet or towel. Light the candle and incense. Lift the broom and bathe it in the smoke of the incense while saying:

“I call on the power of Air to bless this broom.”

Now hold the broom over the flame (being very careful not to set it on fire) and say:

“I call on the power of Fire to bless this broom.”

Lay the broom back onto the cloth and lightly mist it with the rose water (one pump will do) while saying:

“I call on the power of Water to bless the broom.”

Sprinkle the salt  over the broom and say:

“I call on the power of Earth to bless this broom.”

When you feel ready, gently shake and dust the salt off the broom and onto the cloth. Lift the broom and hold it in both hands. Close your eyes and feel the awakened magickal power of the broom. Next, envision very bright white light flowing down from above, through the top of your head, and throughout your body. See this light also flowing into the broom, as if the broom is an extension of your energy field. After a moment, say:

“This broom is now consecrated and blessed. Blessed Be. So Mote It Be.”

Extinguish the candle and incense. Shake the salt from the cloth into the bathtub and put the cloth in the laundry.


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